AO: The Trident
August 15, 2023. 5:30, Weather – Roughly 55 degrees (Believe it or not) 96% Humidity-
definitely not too bad.
Q: Vandelay
PAX: Mother Goose, Bubbles, Waterboy, Chiclets (Respect), Kielbasa, LaserJet (Respect), Slow
Pitch, FDIC, Khakis (Respect), Skipper, Iced Tea, Tin Cup (Respect), Canadian Bacon (Respect
Respect), Wait Time (Respect), Tater Tot, Big One, Rainman, Sister Act, DOA, Grillz, Canon
(Respect), Cutting Edge (Respect), Pregame, DaVinci (Respect Respect)
I arrived early to scope things out and to make sure my desired locations had no surprises in the
way. Once OK I ran back to catch the Pre-Run group.
We had a decent sized pre-run group today with multiple paces. Chiclets was like late
clockwork and caught us on the back stretch near 120 th .
As we returned, a group of PAX was already assembling. I welcomed the group and got things
started by covering the required basics and introducing myself:
The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration
of male community leadership.
5 Core Principles: 1) It’s free; 2) open to all men; 3) always held outdoors; 4) peer led in a
rotating fashion; and 5) ends in a circle of trust.
I indicated I was not a professional, which everyone knew, and we didn’t have any FNGs so we
Now, it has been noticed that OCCASIONALLY I might utilize a National Day holiday as
inspiration. Today is National Relaxation Day – but that won’t really be recognized. I will say,
however, that one thing I wanted everyone to focus on was the Sound of Silence. Our days get
crazy and other people are yelling – mostly for their own benefit. It gets hard to see what is
really important unless we filter out all of the noise. With that we moseyed to a parking lot
south and east of LinkedIN.
We started with High Knees- 20 IC
Fast Feet – 30 secs.
Back Yoga Stretches (Downward Dog and whatever the reverse of that is) 3 or 4 Times
Pigeon Stretches
Michael Phelps – 20 IC
We then moseyed to the west of the garage for the Pre- Thang.
I hate these so I must need more of them – Bat Wings- all 20 IC
Cherry Pickers
Moroccan Nightclubs Chinooks – or Vandelays if desired. One last time for DOA
Seal Claps
Overhead Claps
OH Presses
I allowed DOA to indicate whether he preferred the parking ramp or the Circle Boardwalk for
his last THANG at the Trident. We ran to the parking garage ramp at his request.
This was pretty simple today in order to minimize yelling out instructions and to just get to it.
Grouping up was encouraged to drive each other and foster mumblechatter.
 20 Squats at base of ramp
 20 Monkey Humpers IC at the top
 Sprint up
 Recovery jog on way down
 Repeat until Omaha- Simple
Slow Hamstring Stretch engaging core – each side.
Low Dollys-20 On the Open
Heal Touches – 20 IC
Box Cutters – 20 IC
 Went off without incident- even as I tried to master the Selfie version.
 Brush Up Event is this Saturday – you can still sign up
 Blood Donation Drive Aug 25 at HCBB
 Shovel Flag pass at The Maize this week
 The Canyon will be fully open this weekend
 Nugent flag pass from DaVinci to Khakis
 Prayers for my niece Emily – today is her birthday.
 Prayers for students and teachers for this week
 Prayers for DOA as he relocates to the Nashville area
Today is National Relaxation Day but we didn’t really focus on that too much. What I did want
to discuss is our ability to filter out the noise, and Listen.
This past weekend at mass the first reading was about Elijah waiting for God and HE wasn’t in
the roaring wind, or the Earthquake, or the Fire. He noticed God in the quiet whisper that came
after. A good portion of our day is spent with things or people yelling at us or being noisy – mostly for
selfish reasons. Filter out that social media and stupid video of people doing stupid crap. Filter
out the mindless television shows. Respectfully listen to people you encounter but realize the
importance or content when relevant.
Even when we pray, it is usually us asking for something or thanking God – again, us talking.
Take a few moments of silence and see if you hear God speaking to you. If you hear Him-
I closed us out in prayer- mostly listening for Him in the silence.
God Bless you, DOA, and your family, on your new adventure. We will miss you.
Thanks, Kielbasa, for the opportunity today.

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