15 August 2023

Wild Kingdom

A chilly 55 degrees

I pulled into the Darkest AO at 4:35AM and dropped a few items off at the ShovelFlags: three lights, two weinkes, and one large bottle of Tide detergent. More on that later.

I was greeted first by Griswold, who kindly offered to help set up. Then I saw Scoober, who had just planted the still sparkling ShovelFlag for The Disco. Cheap Seats, Barn Door, Blades of Glory, Escobar, and Cadbury rounded out the prerun gang. While we exchanged our favorite “Superbad” quotes, Hard Hat came in hot and was totally nonplussed that we waited for him. (I took the extra minute to check my Webster’s Word of the Day Calendar, which happened to be: “nonplussed”).

I tried keeping pace on the run with these beasts, but I am just not in as good as shape as I used to be. I wanted to walk or find some kind of a shortcut. Fortunately, Scoober ran with me the entire time and gave me the push I needed.

Barn Door and Cadbury came back to pick us up, which put a spring in our step as we returned to find that a large group of Pax had formed in our absence.


I went through the usual intro. I asked how many pax had seen Superbad – not a lot of hands went up. Would we do burpees all morning? Only one way to find out:

#1: Which State is on McLovin’s fake ID?

A: Just about every pax yelled: “Hawaii!” No burpees. LFG!


I remember running through the wet grass. The pax did not sound like they were desperately wanting to do so. This Q might not be Better Than Ezra, but it would be Superbad…

Broga! Plank / Down Dog / Scorpion Drydocks / Runner’s Lunge / SSH x20 IC

I described the scene in the movie where Jonah Hill fills up laundry detergent bottles with beer. Our pre-thang would homage that scene.

Pre-Thang #1: Tide Chain Run

All of the Pax lined up single file for a chain run. Each pax would take their turn as the fastest kid alive and sprint to the front where the lead pax would hand over the Tide bottle. We ran down to the boat dock and the pax did a great job staying together and encouraging each other. We stopped by the restroom building for the second pre-thang:

Pre-Thang #2: Tide Wall Sit

We almost used all of the wall real estate for this. As we did the People’s Chair, each pax did two overhead press with the Tide Bottle, and then passed it. I was next to Lincoln Log and he noted the bottle felt more substantial than detergent and asked if there was actually beer in there. I told him it was just water. He seemed disappointed. Respect, respect.

We did 20 Monkey Humpers IC and then ran back to the ShovelFlags.


It was around this time that the Pax started to notice that I was sporting a McLovin shirt. Perfect timing as we were all about to be a single-named 25 year old Hawaiian Organ Donor.

We counted off into groups of 4. 2 Pax would run to the blinking red light and do 5 Alarm Clocks while the other two would perform the following exercises AMRAP:









We made it all the way through and Omaha was called.

#2: What was the name of the school that Seth did not get into, but Evan and Fogell (McLovin) did?

A: Griswold with the correct answer! Dartmouth

Time for some Mary!


30 Seconds Beast Mode / 20 IC Alt. Knee Taps / 30 Plank / 10 Nolan Ryans each side

30 Chilcut / Gator Tails x 10 IC each side


#3: What is the alcohol that Evan bought for Becca?

A: Lots of pax were close when they said vodka and Goldschlager, but it was Switchfoot that gave the correct answer: Goldslick.

Count off: 36 PAX, plus me, which meant: I’m 37?!?


PAX: Bob Ross, Bogey, Blades of Glory, Lite Brite, Fine Print, Yodel, Barbwire, Ketchup, Lemu (respect), Larry Legend, 12 Gauge, Cadbury, Barn Door, Lincoln Log (respect x 2), Tap Out, Mufasa, Hard Hat, Patchy Adams, Vlasic (respect), Escobar, High Hat, Griswold, Scoober, Oscar, Picasso, Unicycle, Hunger Man, Obi-Wan, Tardy, Bogi, T-Ball, Muffs, Crowd Source, Bambi, Cheap Seats, Switchfoot, and Gator


Brush Up Project on 8/19 – sign up on Slack Third F or contact Thor

New Tuesday AO in Gretna opening in September led by Lincoln Log

Flag Pass at Maize on Thursday – Obi-Wan to Da Kine

APEX this weekend at The Pit

Flanked by Yodel and Lite Brite, Fine Print declared The Block Party to be the best Friday AO and that Wait Time would be Qing there this week!

Prayer Requests:

Obi-Wan’s family

COT: Senioritis

Lots of great things to take away from Superbad about brotherhood and friendship. But the part that stood out to me watching it last night was the part where Seth tells his Home Ec teacher that “There’s three weeks left until school ends. Give me a fucking break! No offense. Sorry for cursing.”

This reminded me of my Mom telling me at end of high school that I had Senioritis. The DSM-V states that this condition dramatically reduces one’s motivation and level of effort. It has become clear to me that I have a bad case of Senioritis when it comes to Fitness these days. I’m trying to get back in shape, but my effort is lacking. When I try to push myself, I get discouraged. I need to do better.

I asked the pax to think about areas of their lives where they are not putting in the effort they should. Whether its relationships with your M and 2.0s, your friends, or your job, we all struggle with Senioritis from time to time. My challenge was to put a little more effort in that today and try to build momentum to carry over into tomorrow. Thanks for letting me lead today – love you guys!

With Gratitude,


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Wild Kingdom

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