PreRun: For sure 6 pre-runners…Ichiro, DoubleDip, FunDip, Schrute, RazzleD, & FW.

13 Total Pax: FunDip, Mortar, SqueakyClean, DoubleDip, Woodstock, Parsecs, TenaciousD, Trench, Schrute, Ichiro, HighLife, BeefTown (Hate), & YHC, Firewalker.

FW said all the things. Disclaimed what he needed to be disclaimed.

We mosey’d to the track for Warm-a-Rama.


⁃ 20 Sun Gods IC. Fwd and Back.

⁃ 30 Side Lunges – both sides

⁃ 30 Merkins

⁃ 30 PicklePushers IC


We ran to the turf field. Lined up on the end line. On my cam and the pax started run’n. When I yelled ”I’m up, I’m run’n”. They fell to their faces when I yelled “They See Me. I’m Down.” We ran up and down the field twice doing this. Heart rates were sky high.

It was at this time that TenaciousD informed Firewalker that he thought I was “soft”. As if on Q, FW had yet another PreThang up his sleeve. It was time for. BroadJumps. The pax broad jumped from the end line to the 50 yard line. And because we broad jumped to the 50. We had to broad jump back. It only seemed right. We didn’t have far to go to get right into our Thang. We mosey’d to the corner of the field and a single cone with a speaker.


The inaugural running of the Firecracker 500 was about to get underway

Round 1

• 50 Merkins

• 50 BigBoySitUps

• Run a lap around the field

Round 2

• 50 PicklePushers. Plenty of eye contact.

• 50 OhYeahs. Even more eye contact from TenaciousD.

• Lap

Round 3

• 50 AirPresses

• 50 Groiners

• Lap

Round 4

• 50 Apollo Ohnos

• 50 Heels to Heaven

• Lap

Round 5

• 50 Monkey Humpers

• 50 Low Dollys

• Lap

Rinse & Repeat if time

There would be a prize for our winner!

Congratulations to Sgt Pickel – Schrute Beats. The winner of a Spicy Prickly Pickle Shot. Which he gladly consumed before I could capture video evidence.


• Sarpy Slammers. Each pax counted two before moving on.


Navy SEALs have a saying.

You may find it helpful.

When something sucks, they look at each other and say:


It’s an instant mindset shift.

• Hiking and it starts pouring rain?

• Driving and your car breaks down?

• Working on a project and lost a draft?



LESSON: Adversity is an opportunity

The message is simple.

Every adversity is an opportunity.

• To grow

• To learn

• To evolve

• To get stronger

• To become better

These moments forge us if we let them.

The next time you’re facing something hard, welcome it.

Work through the process.

Learn the lessons.

Reap the full benefit. We get the benefit because others before us choose to sacrifice their lives for our freedoms. Freedom, it turns out, isnt. free. Happy 4th!!!

The Nugent flag was on site. DoubleDip passed to Schrute but since he would be out of town it was decided a pass would go immediately to our man Parsecs, who has been kick in’ ass and takin’ names!!!



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