PreRun: AnimalHouse & FW. G-String was Murph’n OYO.

6 Total Pax: AnimalHouse, LadyBug(Hate), HackSaw, Motown(Respect), G-String & YHC, Firewalker.

FW said all the things. Disclaimed what he needed to and confidently assured the pax that if they could do this workout they would be well on their way for an IPC beatdown in September. What FW thought was funny was met with groans and at least two, “is he serious?!?” The pax can decide if the beatdown met the preparation standard of expectations. Oh, and there would be a prize for the winner.

We shouldered our coupons and mosey’d to the other side of the school and an open space in the parking lot.


⁃ 20 Hillbillies IC

⁃ 15 CherryPickers IC

⁃ Squat Jumps on my Up

⁃ 20 MNCs IC


No PreThang. No time for that today.


There as a single cone and a speaker awaiting the pax along the track. Pretty much a warm hug.

Round 1:

• 50 – Kneeling Coupon Presses

• 50 – Goblet Squats

• Run Lap around the track (400m)

Round 2:

• 50 – Murder Bunnies (25 yds out&back)

• 50 – Coupon Curls Extensions

• Lap

Round 3:

• 50 – Rifle Carry (25yds out&back)

• 50 – Grave Diggers (25 each side)

• Lap

Round 4:

• 50 – Redrum Bunnies (25 yds out&back)

• 50 – LBCs w Coupon

• Lap

Round 5:

• 50 – Coupon/KettleBells Swings

• 50 – Merkins

• Lap

Rinse & Repeat if time.

For those keeping score at home, G-String and AnimalHouse were neck and neck. G ended up pulling off the late surge and claimed victory. A shot of Western Son Prickly Pear. Which he confidently downed and then proceeded to need a drink of water.


• 15 MN Mike Tysons IC. A nod to my brother and pax in the TwinCities.


FW shared about a framework he uses often. It’s not always doing what others do, but learning how they THINK can make all the difference in the world.

Mindset. Skillset. Toolset.

Mindset. First, one has to THINK right before acting right. It begins with getting in the right frame of mind first. What do I need to think? Feel? And finally do?

Skillset. What skills do we need to call upon or work to develop in order to deliver on the task/project/next phase in front of us.

Toolset. What tools can I put in my hands to get the job done right and effectively?

As leaders we should be leading ourselves, our families, our teams and our communities. Hopefully this is a quick and simple framework to be effective in our leadership.



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