4/25/23 – “Full Benefit” – The Trident

DATE: 4.25.23

Temp: 41 Degrees
AO: The Trident
Q: Your man Hoser

9 PAX:

Canadian Bacon, Saul, Skipper, Mother Goose, Kielbasa, Rain Man, Big One, Room Service, Hoser


The Q, mission, credo, and 5 core principles.  No FNG’s present.  41 degrees and no wind kind of felt like a heat wave.  What better way to celebrate the weather than a trip to the beach with some frolicking in the sand.  Today we will focus on “Full Benefit”.  Todays beatdown was a constant flow of work with what turned out to be a healthy dose of mumble chatter.


To the parking lot for a little warm-a-ramma.  As we strolled passed some nicely rolled sod it was tempting not to incorporate these behemoths into the work out. 

15 SSH IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 Tappy Taps, and 10 Merkins.

Another Mosey in store for us as we headed south to yet another parking lot.  The PAX partnered up but soon joined into 2 work groups.  Lots of mumble chatter ensued.  The first group sprinted to the end of the parking lot and back, while the second group did the work of Bonnie Blairs, Flutter Kicks, Bobby Hurley’s, and LBC’s.  For some reason, to the delight of Canadian Bacon, the topic of conversation was famous Canadian’s. 


Another Mosey brought us the amphitheater of the Temple Israel.  The PAX touched some dudes and formed a nice tight circle.  We planked while dragging two sandbags around the circle several times one way and several times the other way.

Next, we divided up into two groups.  Each group would have one member carry a sandbag up the steps and down while the rest of the group AMRAP-ed some more exercises.  We worked on Derkins, Dips, Elevated Shoulder Taps, and Box Jumps until Omaha was called.  However, we still needed to carry these 50 pound bags home.  We switched off while moseying back to the flags. 


Freed to Bleed.  Some Second F stuff.  Prayers for aunts. 


Continuing with my recent Navy Seal themes, the Q spoke about “Full Benefit”. The Seals have a saying when something sucks, be it training, a hike in the rain, breakdown of equipment, or life in general.  They simply say “Full Benefit” and they get an instant mindset shift.  They know that in that moment, what they are going through, this will make them stronger.  Embrace it.  Learn from it, because in adversity there is opportunity.  Grow, evolve, get stronger, become better.  Work through the suck, learn from it, and reap the “Full Benefit”. 

PRAYER: Thank you to Mother Goose for bringing the circle together for a quick prayer. 

6:15: Coffeteria

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