Mount. Olympus : 04/26/2023 – Turning small things into Big Problems
Temp: 44 degrees
PAX: (7) Schrute, Invectous, Double Dip, Fun Dip, Shiplap, Michelin, Low Flow
Co – Q: Schrute / Low Flow
Pre Runners:
Double Dip, Fun Dip, Invectous, Schrute, Low Flow
10 – S.S. Hops, 10 – Cherry Pickers, 10 – Tappy Taps, 10 – Sun Gods F&R
Pre-Thang: We lead the PAX out to Wittmus Dr. and headed North to Lincoln Rd. and stopped for 20 –
Curls we then continued North and turned East on Caspian Dr. stopping at 103 rd for 20 – Overhead Press
then continuing East up the hill stopping at 102 nd for 20 – Goblet Squats we turned South stopping at
Lincoln Rd. and I nominated the site Q for 20 reps of his choosing. BAD DECISION on my part and I’ll take
complete ownership of that one…….20 – we’re not worthy! After that “mistake” we headed back to the
A.O. stopping at the fence in the Northeast corner of the track and field to get ready for the Thang.
The Thang:
2 man grinder 1 PAX on either side of the fence 1 with a coupon and 1 without passing the coupon over
it after the coupon exercise. After each PAX completed the first set of exercises 1 PAX would jump the
fence for a lap around the track and alternating for a lap around the parking lot. The exercises are:
10 – Blockee’s / 10 – Burpee’s
1- Lap around the track
10 – Rifle Carry Squats / Amrap – Monkey Humper’s
1- Lap around the parking lot
20 – Bent Over Rows / Amrap – LBC’s
1- Lap around the track

Omaha was called at 5:52 and we headed to the Shovel Flags
7 – Sarpy Slammers

Announcements: Sponsers for the Brick Builder
Prayers were said.
Running in the gloom one morning a PAX member I’ve become close to was telling me about a
scheduling conflict he had with his M the previous night and it made me think about some of the same
issues I’ve had with my M. When an issue like this had come up in the past I would immedately blow up
and cause a bigger problem than it actually was and this would always cause an argument and tension
between us that was entirely my fault. So when something small and not a life altering mistake is made I
just roll with it and try to figure out how I can be a solution to the problem instead of making it much
bigger than it needs to be. Mistakes happen and will always happen that is a fact of life so when they do

Schrute took us out in prayer

Aye, Low Flow

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