Site: The Armory

Site Q: Yodel

Conditions: 31 degrees, slight wind

Q: Lite-Brite

PAX: 23 PAX. Escobar, Hard Hat, Kickstand, Sgt Pencil, Armando, Da Fridge, Griswold, Thor, Lil House, Vespa, Wentworth, Back Country, Surprise, Speed Bump, Slap Shot, MacANoodle, Smelly Cat, Tea Party, Old McDonald, Flannigan, Pit Stop, Patty Mayonnaise, Lite-Brite

FNG: Patty Mayonnaise 






5 Core Principles 


-Open to all men

-Always held outdoors

-Lead in a rotating fashion

-Ends with a COT

F3 Mission Statement 

-Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of all male community leadership


-I am not a professional, modify as necessary 

Mosey to the hill east of the middle school


Sun Gods Forward (x15 IC)

Sun Gods Reverse (x15 IC)

Tappy Taps (x15 IC)

Big One’s (x10)


Count off into groups of 2

Group #1 (Push Group)

Starts at the base of the hill

Group #2 

Plank hold at the top of the hill until pushed 


Mosey to the middle school parking lot

Group #1 (Push Group)

Group #2 

Plank hold until pushed


Mosey back to the flags

Duck Joust 

Once you’re knocked out plank hold



-Rancid Style Hammers


FNG Brian Mayonaise


  • Unicycles Grandma
  • Bobsled site swap
  • Edna loss Sgt Pencil 
  • Tea Party 5 yr old Evan
  • Escobar cousin heart attack 


  • 5 year anniversary April 22nd
  • Fridge 5 year Prerun 
  • New site at Russell May 18

Nugent Flag – Back Country to 

CoT: Consistency

I admitted that I have been struggling to be consistent with posting and I have felt the difference. I then proceeded to give the PAX a quick reminder to fight the fartsack, warmer weather is on it’s way.


-LB 💡

F3Omaha - 4341 posts

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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