• QIC: Huffy
  • Pax: Honey Stinger, Smashmouth, Polaroid, Blackjack, Linedance, Beta Max, Dome, Caruso, Woody, Predator, Toadstool, Penny Marshall, Beeps, E-85, Snowman, Stitches, Saferide, Rocket, Swinger

Tuesday at Cornhusker! F3 and 5 core principals recited, disclaimer given. Took a long mosey around to Baxter Arena.

20 x SSH

20 X Imperial Walkers

10/10 x Sungods

15x Mt Climbers

15x shoulder taps

15 x plank

10 x Copperhead Squats


Ladder exercise. 5 cones set approx. 20 yards apart. Ran to first cone, did 1 burpee and back to start to do 1 burpee. 2nd cone- 2 burpee and back to start, 2 burpees. 3rd cone, 3 etc…. after burpees we did bobby hurleys. Called it, and had the guys run back to the main AO at the obelisk. Numbered off 1-4. Got into groups and you and your group did a set of exercise and then ran a large lap (approx.. 400 meters) and then did the next set of exercises. Rinse and repeat till Omaha was called.


5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 Jump Tucks

20 Big boys

25 air squats



5 groiners

10 werkins

15 air squats

20 low dollys

25 bobby hurleys 


6 MOM- Flutter kicks, Scissor kicks, LBCs, frozen LBCs, and American Hammers.

Announcements- 5 year convergance, prayers and praise.

COT: A goal without planning, intention and action is just a wish. Don’t make wishes, accomplish goals. 


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