Backblast – Futurama 2/9/23 UNO Reunion Tour


36 degrees – 0-5 mph winds – perfect conditions

PAX :  17 + Q

Joe Buck, Paddles, Spacebar, Rocket, Scoober, Caruso, Demogorgon, Doll Face, Snowman, Sandy Cheeks, Polaroid, Othello, Side Dish, No Cry, Good Lookin’, Stitches, Tin Cup, Oompa

Q : Oompa

I arrived at 5:00 to get the lay of the land and prepare for the beatdown.  When the only pre-runners were Stitches and Good Lookin’, I decided to do a prerun/walk around the grounds and Good Lookin’ joined me.  Great talking with you, brother!

At 5:30, I called the PAX to attention and gave the 5 Core Principles, Credo, disclaimer, and inquiry about FNGs (none in attendance).  I then informed the PAX that, as a distinguished (maybe) alum of Theeeeee University of Nebraska at Omaha, I would be taking them on a Clydesdale-paced tour of my beloved college home and showing them some notable sites along the way.  

With that, we moseyed from Memorial Park, over the Dodge pedestrian bridge, and to the far northeast parking lot of UNO’s campus, in front of Roskens/Keyser Hall.

I informed the PAX that I was standing in the very first parking spot I ever parked in at UNO on my first day of (sheepishly admitted) band camp.  (Dear Reader, I was a vocal music major and needed every course credit I could get, so DON’T JUDGE ME!).  I then informed the PAX that I was in the undergrad class of 2005, so we would be doing 20 reps of an exercise and 5 Monkey Humpers at each stop along the tour.  We completed these and moseyed down the main thoroughfare to the west side of the Milo Bail Student Center.

I informed the PAX that they were standing on the spot where, in the spring of 2004, my good friend John and I streaked through campus, wearing only a cowboy hat and our birthday suits.  Granted, this was at 12 midnight, so there were no innocent bystanders, save Campus Security, but they didn’t catch us.  (side note:  I would recommend streaking in daylight to get the full effect).  We did our exercises and I then asked the PAX to remove one article of clothing and run the streaking route west under the campanile to the Durham Science Center (at a 75% “streak” pace).

We then slowly moseyed to the Weber Fine Arts Building parking lot overlooking University Village where we did our exercises and I informed the PAX that it was there where I met my good friend Lucky Charms, as I was his RA and roommate my senior year (his freshman year).

We then moseyed through the Shakespeare Green and out onto the Elmwood Park golf course and to the 8th hole tee box.  I informed the PAX that this tee box was a social meeting place for enterprising young students looking to avoid the watchful eye of Campus Security.  With a wide view of the surrounding park and road, and an easy escape path back to the confines of the Shakespeare Green and University Village.  We performed our exercises and moseyed back to the Dodge Street pedestrian bridge, via Happy Hollow Boulevard.

We did 25 monkey humpers next to Dodge and ran back to the shovel flags, where Omaha was called.

Total mileage:  ~3.4 miles.  Good work, gentlemen!





I re-stated my COT from my VQ, that meaningful relationships require two main ingredients:  1) frequent, unplanned interactions 2) shared vulnerability.  I noted that we make these relationships in college (shout out to Lucky) due to these ingredients being present by default, but that it takes work and organization (F3, etc) to accomplish this as adults.  I asked the PAX to keep that in mind as they navigate adult life.

Prayer – led by Demogorgon

A great day in the gloom.  Go Mavs!

Aye! Oompa

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