Backblast – Golden Spike – CSUAP Preparation – Golden Stretch


26 degrees – 5-8 mph winds – perfect conditions

PAX : (18)

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I arrived at 5:11 am to enjoy the morning. I had a pretty good night of sleep which I needed after a busy week!  There were numerous cars in the present so I knew there were pre-runners.  I took a quick lap and checked to see if it would be slick anywhere we might venture.

At 5:30 am, I welcomed the grizzled group of PAX with the mission statement, 5 core principles, asked about FNGs (1 – Brenton) and reminded them to modify as needed.  I asked for a show a of hands to see how many planned on participating in CSUAP the next day – well over half raised their hands.

We proceeded to take a quick jog lap for Warm- A – Rama stopping at the NW end of the track where there was less wind:  In reality the whole beatdown was one big Warm- A- Rama!

10 Tappy Taps​10 Big Ones

100 yard jog to the south end zone

We then alternated every 10 yards to the north endzone

​Lunges​​Butt kicks​High knees​Stride outs

At the north end zone we performed:

Sun Gods​Huggers​ Seal Claps

100 yard jog to the south:

10 Merkins with 20 sec plank holds repeated x 3 with press ups in between.

We repeated our every 10 yard dynamic stretch routine

Stretching in the north consisted of forearm stretching, triceps and shoulder stretch holds.

We then proceeded to the west stadium wall for calf and shoulder stretching as well as hangs from the bars.

We finished at mid field with stretching consisting of down dog, press-up, hip flexors, hamstrings and piriformis/hamstrings on our back

6:07 – Name-a-Rama and naming of our FNG – Brenton is from Hastings NE, Kool- Aid was an easy choice!


• Several 2nd opportunities – check Slack

• CSAUP on 1/28/23

• Brick Builder event on 2/16/23

• Several prayer requests for PAX members


I regaled the PAX members with the tale of my first CSAUP 2 years ago.  It was my 3rd workout and I really didn’t know anyone.  I was told by a couple PAX members that it was tough but I could do it no problem.  It was cold with snow on the ground and I was under-dressed.  The first thing we did was run Shirley – I knew I was in trouble.  By the time we left Future and headed to the Woodshed – I was really in trouble.  Cold and Wet.  As we neared Pacific Street on the return, I was done.  Biff and Merch helped literally carry me back to Stinson.  I owe them.  The rest of the workout was a blur as I was wet, cold and exhausted.  Numerous PAX asked me if I was ok.  I called my wife on the way home and told her I was in trouble ( I ended up being fine).

I have been coming out to F3 for over 2 years.  I have met many friends, heard wonderful COTs but CSUAP 2 years ago is my most memorable experience!!

6:14: Prayer – led by Mother Goose

What a great day!

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