Christmas Q 2022

Backblast – Golden Spike 12/23/22 Christmas Q!!!

Spike AO was moved to the parking garage at Trident due to the following weather conditions:

-8 degrees with 25 mph winds with -40 windchill!!! The coldest Golden Spike in recent memory.

PAX : 14 + Q Oompa

Doppler, Wait Time, Tugboat, Tin Cup, Black Flag, Z-bo, TC, Scoober, Wentworth, Canadian Bacon, Ditty, Vandelay, Skids, Q-tip, Oompa

Joe Buck, Paddles, Spacebar, Rocket, Scoober, Caruso, Demogorgon, Doll Face, Snowman, Sandy Cheeks, Polaroid, Othello, Side Dish, No Cry, Good Lookin’, Stitches, Tin Cup, Oompa


  • Randy-o-Rama
    • Do several shoulder movements, during which you “can’t put your arms down”.  After every exercise is completed, all PAX said in unison:  “I can’t put my arms down!”
    • 25 reps each:
      1. Sun gods
      2. Moroccan Night Clubs
      3. Seal Claps
      4. Overhead Claps
      5. Chinooks
      6. Raise the Roof
      7. Zombies
      8. The Worm
      9. Randys
  • Bah! Humbug!
    • Pax lined up at one end of the parking garage
    • PAX performed exercises individually, each trying to be the first of the group to reach 100 reps. The first PAX to reach 100 reps yelled “Bah! Humbug!” (he being Scrooge and ruining everyone else’s workout fun) at which point, the PAX ran to the other end of the garage and started the next exercise, each of which were called out by Scrooge.  Rinsed and repeated until first Omaha
  • Christmas Star
    • PAX members numbered off in groups of 2-4
      1. Completed 5 Christmas Star jumps by the tree
      2. Ran to a corner of the parking garage
        • Did 25 reps of a chosen exercise
      3. Ran back to the tree and repeated
  • Minute-to-Win-It Christmas Edition
    • One pax member calls out an exercise
    • 1-minute timer starts
      1. One pax member unwraps gift as fast as possible with their heaviest winter gloves/mittens on.  The present having been covered in ~45 layers of wrapping paper, this was no small task.
        • No twisting/bending/etc
      2. All other pax do the exercise indicated
    • When timer expires, switch to next PAX member and repeat until all layers of wrapping are unwrapped
      1. Last person unwrapping gets the prize (two packages of dark chocolate PB cups from TJ’s)





Deep breath before Christmas:  happens when you’ve done what needs to be done for Christmas, or there’s not time left to do any more:

  • Singing silent night by candlelight at Christmas Eve service
  • Going for a walk in your neighborhood and seeing driveways filled with cars/relatives visiting for Christmas
  • Those few minutes after you’ve prepared dinner and are waiting for guests to arrive
  • Sitting on the couch in a mess of paper, drinking coffee after opening presents

I wanted to share with you one moment from a Christmas Eve service when I graduated college.  In my hometown church in Wayne:

The lights dimmed until they were almost completely out and my old family friend Cornell Runestad was led out from a back door to the grand piano where he sat (he had recently gone blind from a stroke). It was then that I experienced one of the most profound little moments of Christmas that I can remember. 

I’d like you to close your eyes and listen to the piece Cornell played that Christmas Eve. The Prelude in C Major by JS Bach. Maybe while you are listening you can recall a moment like this in your life


PAX adjourned to the party table for on-site hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.

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