Site: Trident

Site Q: Slick

Conditions: 30 degrees, Calm

Q: Lite-Brite

PAX: 31 PAX. Cousin Eddie, Slick, 12 Gauge, Flannagan, Saul, Little House, Ozark, Armbar, Hard Hat, Gator, Kickstand, Bobsled, Fine Print, Sweet Sweet, Convoy, Wait Time, Chicklets, Big One, Almost Famous, Canadian Bacon, Chippendale, Wentworth, Jeeves, Roadhouse, Honey Stinger, Lemu, Speed Bump, Skipper, Punching Bag, Griswold, Lite-Brite

FNG: None






5 Core Principles 


-Open to all men

-Always held outdoors

-Lead in a rotating fashion

-Ends with a COT

F3 Mission Statement 

-Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of all male community leadership


-I am not a professional, modify as necessary 

Circled up at the flags for Warm-A-Rama


Sun Gods Forward (x15 IC)

Sun Gods Reverse (x15 IC)

Raise The Roofs (x15)

Cherry Pickers (x15 IC)

Moroccan Night Clubs (x15 IC)

Merkins (x15)

Tappy Taps (x15 IC)

Big One’s (x10)

Runner Stretch R (10 Count)

Runner Stretch L (10 Count)

Air Squat (x30)


Counted off into four groups of four

#1 Paddy Cake Station (Push Group)

-20 Paddy Cake Partner Merkins

Push AB group

#2 AB Group (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Partner leg push downs (x10 each and switch)

Round 2 – Partner Big Boys 

Round 3 – LBC’s

Round 4 – Heel touches

Push Coupon Group

#3 Coupon Group (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Coupon Curls

Round 2 – Coupon Press

Round 3 – Coupon Swings

Round 4 – Coupon Overhead Press

Push Lower Group

#4 Lower Group (AMRAP)

Round 1 – Air Squats

Round 2 – Bobby Hurley’s 

Round 3 – Sumo Squats

Round 4 – Imperial Walkers w/ Squat


Mary – 31 Rancid Style Hammers




  • Backseat job search
  • Chicklets brother-in-law Sam job search
  • F3 Foundation gratitude from Honey Stinger on behalf of the group


  • First Friday lunch 


5 ways to put the power back in willpower

  1. Create a personal “motivation mission”
  • Ask yourself how your work…
  • Helps coworkers
  • Impacts the community 
  • Helps me grow as a person/professional 
  • Take the most inspiring of those answers and make them your mission for accomplishing goals
  1. Plan and Prioritize – Make a list of tasks , be realistic, break jobs down into reasonable pieces, delegate
  2. Schedule time for tasks you like – learn a new skill
  3. Take a break from the world – stay off of your devices 
  4. Commit to getting started 

Love you guys!

-LB 💡

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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