I hate the rain. Yuck. However, 8 PAX joined me for a soggy valentine’s beat down. Cosmo, Brazilian, Honey Stinger, Toadstool, Hindsight, Penny Marshall, Stella and Lansbury.

Mosey around the lot, and jog down to the basketball court.

20 SSH ic
20 Imperial Walkers
15 windmills
15 tappy taps
10 big ones
10×10 sun gods
10 copperhead squats

Sexy, valentines tabata. Grab a partner.
35 seconds on, 10 seconds off
– Merkins with a high-five
– Wall sits, back to back
– side plank, reach up and down with a high five
– burpee with a jump high five
– partner plank while partner hurdles back and forth

Ladder workout. You and your partner get to choose which run length you wanted: 3 running options, 600 meters, 300 meters, or 125 meters.
10 merkins- run
10 merkins, 15 big boys- run
10 merkins, 15 big boys, 20 Bobby Hurleys- run
10 merkins, 15 big boys, 20 Bobby hurleys, 25 mt. Climbers- run
10 merkins, 15 big boys, 20 Bobby hurleys- run

Omaha was called. I was wet so didn’t want to get on the ground for Mary.

Announcements and prayers.

COT: treat every day as valentines and don’t wait to show the ones you love that you care.



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