13 PAX: Harding, Predator, Woody (RESPECT), Caruso (RESPECT x2), Snidley, Julip, Chernobyl, Bloodshot, Woodstock, Parsecs, Amadeus, Stella, Bobsled

QIC: Bobsled (Weeeeee)

0430-530 Pre-Run/Pre-Ruck: Various pre-running (WEIRDOS) and pre-rucking (STUDS).  My memory escapes me for sure who did what.  I’m a little long in the tooth to remember all that!

0530 Welcome:  Bobsled welcomed everyone to The Brickyard and F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith), recited the Mission Statement, Credo and 5 Core Principals.  There were no FNGs unfortunately, but some new faces at the Yard, which is always nice to see.  Bobsled reminded everyone to modify as necessary as he is not a professional.  There is a real risk of injury.

Warm-O-Rama: Side Straddle Hops, 10 IC; Sun Gods, 10 fwd/10 bk IC; Michael Phelps, 10 IC; Big Ones, 10 IC; Hamstring Stretch, 10 count ea. hammy

Pre-Thang: N/A, aint nobody got time for that

The Thang: I’ve always wanted to try to do a MURPH with a coupon.  The Yard is the perfect place to do it.  There is a quarter mile trail around the park and a large square gazebo to do pullups as a group!  Leave no man behind.  Leave no man where you found him.

Started with a quarter mile march with your coupon to the gazebo, then as follows:

               10 Pullups (unassisted, assisted, or AMRAP bent over coupon rows)

               20 Merkins (hands on, feet on, one hand up, one down, HAND RELEASE DERKINS, thanks Amadeus)

               30 Squats (however you want to hold your coupon, squat it!  Or stand up, lay down coupon and touch your booty to it)

               Every 2 rounds of this we completed a set of Mary.  Dealers choice on that!

After 5 rounds, we moseyed another quarter mile with our coupons, then you guessed it, RINSE & REPEAT.  We actually finished up with only 9 circuits complete ☹  Some tweaks here and there and we will Git R Done in the allotted time next go-round.  This was a beta test.  I’ll get it fixed!  Please Believe!

YHC had planned for Mary to complete the beatdown, but I have dementia so we “skipped” it.


Annual Heartland Hope Toys for Tots drive

Venmo Busser.  10K Goal, with company match!!!

Stormbreaker Monday Amadeus donating $10 for each Pax, $20 for FNG that posts!

Final Bunz Town Pop-Up.  Bobsled excited to Q that!

Vala’s 2nd F at firepits 10-14 tonight!

Prayers for Pax friend at Bergan Mercy with brain bleed

COT: (Feed your Mind):

We feed our muscles by working out (KING). We feed our bodies with our diet (QUEEN), but I think that feeding your mind with good, clean, pure, positive messages over and over and over is more important.  As someone who sometimes struggles with mental health I have to very intentional and careful with what I put in my mind.  What podcasts, music, books am I listening to?  Are that positive or good for me?  I encourage all Pax to feed their minds.

Aye!  Bobsled

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