Date:  12 September 2023

AO:  Badger Pointe (Launch) – Bennington High School

Weather:  49° N wind 6-8 mph

PAX (31):   Cheap Seats, T Swift, Canadian Bacon, Thor, High Point, Low Point, Speed Bump, Pantyhose, Birdman, Chucky, Bouncer, Slow Pitch, House Party, Bayside, Truly, Lil House, Sand Worm, Toto, Flat Stick, Irish Car Bomb, Monsoon, Oh Boy, Jumpstreet, Tea Party, The Plague, Gator, Tater Tot, Da Fridge, Hard Hat, Bernie, Stripes

FNGs (2):  Pop Tart, Rap Sheet

QIC: Stripes

After a surprisingly good night of sleep, YHC arrived to the AO at 0443 for the best lake prerun in F3 Omaha. Nine PAX completed the 4-mile route and returned to the flags around 0523 to a good-sized group of PAX gathering for the 0530 start. YHC did a little recon work to determine what we’d do for the beatdown, then kicked things off welcoming the PAX to F3, stated the three F’s, mission statement (second guessing if I may have forgotten the mission statement…DOH!!!), five core principles, credo, disclaimer, and asked if there were any FNGs. There were two. Next we proceeded to the parking lot in front of the high school for warm-o-rama and pre-thang.


10 tappy taps

10 big ones

10 sun gods (forward)

10 sun gods (reverse)

10 cherry pickers

10 seal claps


We started with one of my favorites, the motivator starting with 10 SSH, 10 ¾ SSH, 10 ½ SSH, and 10 hops descending down to 1 of each.

Next we completed a reverse ladder of exercises with reps of 15, 10, and 5, completing three exercises before decreasing the reps to 10 and repeating the same three again and finished with 5 of each. The exercises were merkins, alternating shoulder taps, and zebra kicks. 10-count between each set and a new PAX member counted each new exercise.


I had planned on doing 1st & 10s on the practice football field. During my recon work, I found the grass was pretty wet. I know how much Chucky and Birdman would have complained, so I called an audible. Badger Pointe has lots of great hills nearby, but I decided to stay close and use the one going down to the softball field. I instructed the PAX to pair up and one would be at the bottom of the hill doing jump squats while the other would run, bernie, or lunge squat to the top of the hill, then complete 5 burpees, then get back down the hill to switch with his partner. Rinse and repeat until Omaha was called.

Announcements:  Valas event Friday thanks to Crab Cakes, Bunz Town second pop-up Saturday and launch Sept 23rd both at 0600 at Bennington High School, Heartland Hope donations to end of month, Sept is suicide /mental health awareness – special guests to discuss their experiences after Halfway House at Plague’s Farm Sept 23rd.

Prayers:  Jumpstreet for strength after the incident he was involved in over the weekend.

COT:  RESPECT – what I said and a few things I meant to say but didn’t

The moment was somewhat surreal. After beginning the discussions and planning to launch a site in Bennington over 6 months ago, the day had finally come. Pantyhose had text me a couple days prior letting me know he’d be presenting me with the Badger Pointe flag after Announcements and Prayers, then I’d go into my COT and take us out. After getting one look at the MAJESTIC flag Bayside created (seriously, I may be slightly biased, but it’s the most beautiful shovel flag in F3 Omaha, hands down!) and listening to the extremely kind words Pantyhose said before presenting it to me, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion! Tater Tot text me the night before and gave me some great advice, “Enjoy the moment and slow down a touch to take it in if you get the chance.” Easy for him to say…ha! Well, this was my chance. So after Pantyhose gave me the flag and we embraced in one of the best bro-hugs I’d had in a while, I paused. I took some deep breaths. I looked around at the 32 other HIM who had made the effort to go out of their way to be there, and I tried to soak it all in. Then I remembered I had to talk. The next few minutes was a blur. I thought about writing out my COT and reading it so I wouldn’t forget anything, but that’s not my style. I try to speak from the heart and the downside is I ended up forgetting some things. So the following is a combination of things I said and other things I meant to say…

Respect was the main theme for my COT. I wanted to convey my extreme appreciation and respect for all those who had paved the way for this day to happen starting with Wait Time and all the Redwoods who were at The Oracle that first day nearly five and a half years ago. Tater for his passion and unwavering commitment and dedication to helping F3 Omaha grow to what it has become. Plague for being the driving force and encouragement I needed to launch a site in Bennington. Chucky for bringing me out for my first post a little over a year ago. Pantyhose for the strong bond we’ve built that is one of the main reasons I kept coming out. And down the line to every single PAX who has posted even one time to date. Planting the first F3 flag in my home community of Bennington means the world to me, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for everyone who has grown F3 to what it is. It was really important to me to pay my respect for all of that!

I also talked about how my F3 bucket was overflowing. Last week I had my 1-year at The Berm where I used a quote I referenced again. It’s by Master Oogway from the 2008 blockbuster, Kung-Fu Panda who said, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why it is called The Present.” I’ve never even seen that movie, so credit to my pastor for using that quote in his sermon a few weeks prior. The gist of it is pretty simple and really how I try to live my life…forget about the past, don’t worry about the future, live in the moment because every new day is a gift from God. But for that morning, I wanted to throw that quote out the window. I wanted to recognize the past and pay respect to everyone who made the day possible. I did want to celebrate the present because it was a big day for F3 to expand into Bennington, but I didn’t want to make it about me or the day. Most importantly, I wanted to focus on the future because the future of F3 in Bennington is bright, and today was only the beginning. Today was the first step toward reaching so many High Impact Men in Bennington who will make F3 better. Today was about reaching all the sad clowns in Bennington who need F3. Today was about expanding into a community who needs F3 and that F3 needs as well. So that is why it was so special and meaningful for me to help bring F3 to Bennington.

Finally, I meant to touch on why I chose Badger Pointe for the name. I had others I strongly considered, but at the end of the day, I wanted to name the site for what it’s all about…making the community of Bennington stronger by reaching the men in Bennington that need F3 as well as those that will help F3 Omaha continue to grow stronger. Badger Pointe seemed fitting since the Badger is the Bennington High School mascot and the high school is where we’d launch the first F3 site in Bennington.



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