23 December 2022 / AO The Brick Yard / Temp -11 deg, Wind 24 mph, Feels like -38 deg (GOOD)

5 PAX: Snowman, Bloodshot, Amadeus, Caruso (RESPECT X2), Bobsled 

QIC: Bobsled

0500 Pre/Ruck: Bobsled 

0530 Welcome:  Bobsled

Bobsled welcomed everyone to The Brick Yard, went through the mission statement, credo & 5 core principles.  Oddly, on this gorgeous morning there were no FNGs.  Caruso kindly reminded Bobsled that he is not a professional.  Everyone agreed Bobsled is an amateur.  Now that we’ve established that, we grabbed our coupons and Christmas “gifts” and moseyed on over to the nearest parking garage.  That’s when Bobsledrealized he had forgotten his speaker and Big Buddy heater to keep it warm.  Bobsled is off to a great start! 

Warm-O-Rama:  Bobsled
Swimmers:  x4 front stroke, backstroke (each arm)

Side stretch:  x4 Yoga salutation into side stretch (each side) 

Neck rolls:  x4 each side

Hip flexor to hammy stretch: x4 (each leg)

Plank to runners stretch: x4 (each leg)

T-Spine opener: 3 each side

Down dog calf stretch:  alternating (20 secs)

Now that we’re all limber and nimbly bimbly, were ready to establish a coupon repetition record!

Everybody wondered, “Oh !@#$%! what the !@#$%! Bobsled doing?”

No Pre Thang: 

Aint nobody got time for that sh@t

The Thang:
I put the “gifts” in the middle, and we went around our circle, one at a time opening them

Bobsled led the 1st set of 20 reps, a brief recovery period, then each PAX led the 2nd set of 20

Gift 1: Sumo deadlift (20 x2)

Gift 2: French press (20 x 2)

Gift 3: Alt coupon merkins IC (1x5L, 1x5R, 10 center x2)

Gift 4: Up & overs IC (20 x 2)

Gift 5: Single arm chest press (20 x2 L&R)

Gift 6: Goblet Squats (20×2)

Gift 7: Burpees (20 x2)

Gift 8: Sumo snatch (20 x2)

Gift 9: Sumo clean & press (20 x2) I hoped that gift 8 & 9 would not be back-to-back, but here we are….

Gift 10: Grave diggers (20 x2 L&R)


Hammers: (x20) = 420 REPS, NEW WORLD RECORD!!! Until it gets broken next week…..

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

• T Claps to ICB for EH Amadeus posting today

• Freed to Bleed drive ends today.  Get signed up.  Make a difference

• The Oscar Mike/The Pit combined Ruck/Beatdown tomorrow at The Pit featuring Chernobyl & Amadeus

• Please keep supporting people and the donations flowing.  The people we impact are all around us!

• Prayers to ICB uncle

• Prayers for all those struggling this time of year for various reasons.  Keep them in your hearts.

• Prayers for Micah (Amadeus close friend) for his 4th heart surgery at the age of 40

• Prayers for Farva’s dad

COT:  Gratitude

Boblsed thanked personally and hugged each PAX for showing up this morning (Bobsled’s a bit of a hugger and crier).  Then gratitude was expressed for F3 and our brotherhood.  La Cosa Nostra, or This Thing of Ours, has been unbelievably impactful on Bobsled’s self-image, self-esteem, and confidence.  The PAX are a light in the darkness.

Bobsled spoke on a very high level and briefly on his childhood trauma.  He then shared a poem that he feels was written to and for him by Antwone Fisher entitled “Who Will Cry for the Little Boy”

Who will cry for the little boy, lost and all alone?

Who will cry for the little boy, abandoned without his own?
Who will cry for the little boy, he cried himself to sleep?

Who will cry for the little boy, who never had for keeps?

Who will cry for the little boy, who walked on burning sand?

Who will cry for the little boy, the boy inside the man?

Who will cry for the little boy, who knew well hurt and pain?

Who will cry for the little boy, who died and died again?

Who will cry for the little boy, a good boy he tried to be?

Who will cry for the little boy, who cries inside of me?

Bobsled struggled to get the last few lines out and shed a few tears, because well, that’s what Bobsled does.

The point of sharing all this was to express to everyone that Bobsled is an open book.  If any PAX, for any reason, anytime of day or night, needs somebody to listen, Bobsled will make himself available.  He may not be able to help you, but he will listen and there’s a very good chance he can relate.  There are multiple ways to contact Bobsled.  Twitter, Slack, WhatsApp

Bobsled OUT

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