Saturday January 21st, 2023 | The Pit | Halleck Park

PAX (18): Chernobyl, Icy Hot, Skidz, Magnolia, Double Dip, Sundance, Stranglehold, KOA, Swiper, Schrute, Farva, Milo, Busser, Low Flow, Duracell, FNG, G String, Mulch.

QIC: Mulch

FNG (1): Sham Wow

6:00 AM – I welcomed the Pax to The Pit. The mission Statement, 3Fs, 5 Core Principals and Credo were covered. Iadvised the Pax that I am not a professional and to modify as necessary.

We circled up by the shovel flags for Warmarama.


Tappy Taps IC x 10 

Big Ones IC x 10

Cherry Pickers IC x 10

Windmills IC x 10

The Thang

Station 1:

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 20 IC

Carolina Dry Docks x 20

Staggered Merkins x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Station 2:

Squats x 20

Apollo Ohnos x 20 IC

Bonnie Blairs x 20 IC

Bobby Hurleys x 20

Station 3:

Big Boy Situps x 20

Freddy Mercurys x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

Low Dollys x 20

There were 3 stations around the duck pond. We counted off into 3 groups. Each group was given the option to do 1 exercise at each station and move on to the next, giving them less reps but more distance, or doing all 4 exercises at each station before moving to the next, giving them more reps but less distance. The groups made between 3 and 6 laps total. 

Omaha was called 6:45 and we mosied back to the shovel flags.

We had a quick round of Duck Jousting! Pax walked like a duck with their arms crossed bumping into each other, the last one standing was the winner.

Announcements: CSAUP and canned food items

Prayer Requests: I mistakenly didn’t take notes during announcements and prayer request and don’t remember what they were. 

COT: I shared some struggles I was having with the Pax and shared a quote I like to reflect on when I am struggling. 

On Particularly rough days, when I’m sure I cant possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100%. 

Bad chapters can still create great stories. Wrong paths can still lead to the right places. Failed dreams can still create successful people. Sometimes it takes losing yourself to find yourself.

Swiper took us out in prayer.

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