“Mind Your M’s”

Date: June 7th, 2023

PAX: Unicycle, Peg Leg, Crowd Source, Bambi, Crabcakes, House Arrest, Q-Tip (Respect Respect), Enterprise, Oscar, Fish Oil, Cleaver, Farva

FNGs: None

Pre-Run: Unicycle, Peg leg, Crowd Source, Farva

AO: The Dune

Q: Farva (Beans)

Conditions: Clear, 66 degrees F, Feels like 66 degrees F, Humidity 72%, Wind 4.5 mph from WSW.

At 5:30, YHC welcomed the PAX to the Dune and recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. The exercises are simply a suggestion. 

Warmarama: Mosey to the football field.

          17 SSH

          17 Cherry Pickers

          17 Imperial Walkers

Pre-Thang: Killer B’s on the football field (7 Minutes)

5 Burpees, 5 Broad Jumps, Bear Crawl 10 yards (Rinse and Repeat)


          The PAX would run/sprint the straight-a-ways on the track and then perform one of the four exercises at each corner.

          -15 Ranger Merkins

          -15 Johnny Squats (Deep squat with a calf raise)

          -15 Groiners (IC)

          -15 Mountain Climbers (IC)

On each curve the PAX would bear crawl halfway before lunge walking the rest of the way. Rinse and repeat until Omaha is called. We got 3 full laps and then ran a fourth with no exercises. We had some good sprints along the way.


          Farva beans (IC) 15 each way


          See above for PAX present

Announcements and Prayers:

          -Flag pass next week at the Dune

          -Flag pass tomorrow at the Steel Mill

          -No prayer requests today, but many silent in our hearts.


I struggled to find a good topic for a COT so I decided just to share what has been on my heart and bothering me for about a month now. My current home life is a bit chaotic with 5 kids and 4 playing higher level select baseball/softball. Most days we are just trying to stay afloat and make sure everyone is fed and makes it to their numerous activities. I feel like I have been neglecting the relationship with my M (wife). The days become long and challenging and most days and weekends we are dividing and conquering to keep the ship afloat. I am reminded that the reason they are called our M’s is because this is our most important relationship and the foundation for the rest of our home life. I made the conscious decision to try to be better in this area, even during our crazy busy time of the year. We are trying to carve out some time every day and also plan some date nights and possibly a vacation. I encouraged the PAX to do the same.

Prayer – Farva

10-7, EOT


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