06/07/2023, 5:15 AM | The Danger Zone | 67 degrees 72% RH

# PAX: 10 – Sundance, mr hanky, Schrute, Black Tuesday, Ray Ban, Long Board, Yard Dart, Bill Nye, Rooney, Echo

QIC:  Sun Dance

4:40 AM: Walnut Creek Lake Pre-run approximately 3.8mi. 6 Pax – Sundance, mr hanky, Schrute, Razzle Dazzle, Black Tuesday, Ray Ban

5:15 AM:

Sun Dance welcomed the Pax to F3 – reminding them of the F3 Mission: Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership.   

Sun Dance then recited the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Free of charge 2) Open to all men.  3) Held outdoors, 4) Peer led in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). 

Sun Dance then informed the group that he is not a professional and to modify as necessary.  He recited the credo – “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”

Warm-O-Rama (By Shovel Flag)

Sun gods, reverse sun gods, cherry pickers, tappy taps, Big Ones, Side-straddle hops (15 total, last 5 w/o cadence. Try to end together/unison) 🡪 10 Burpees if Failure

One lap around the outside of the stadium to mumblechatter with PAX (Quality Time)

Pre-Thang (On Turf)

The Pax then lined up on goal line and numbered off 1’s & 2’s to identify a partner:

200 Merkins between partners

100 LBCs between partners

100 Monkey Humpers between partners

While one partner is working toward the exercise total, the other will Bernie Sanders to the 50yd line and jog back, switching out their partner. Picking up on the # rep in which they left off. **Note, you want to do your fair share, but don’t “keep score” **

When a group of partners finish, until all PAX finish, choice of jogging together around track OR Mary OYO.

Thang (South Endzone)

To keep it fresh, have some surprise and new ideas, you can create a jar of exercise ideas to draw from. Deck of Death in a jar to draw from…

54 cards in the jar (including 2 jokers) – PAX will stick with partner for drawing an exercise and completing it until the whole deck is gone. IF a Joker is drawn, the person who drew it will shout “JOKER!” and all PAX will do 10 Burpees IC led by the person who drew it. 

Drawing a 2 through Ace means complete the number of reps of the face value (e.g. J =11, Q=12, K=13, A=14). 

Suit determines the exercise:

Clubs – (Core) Big Boys 

Spades – Air Squats

Hearts – (Cardio) Side-Straddle Hops

Diamonds – Diamond Merkins

OMAHA when deck is gone. Extra Mary PAX choice if extra time. 

Mary: Rooney led big ones, Bill Nye had some plank action, Ray Ban had some LBCs.

  • Sarpy Slammers, IC



  • Announcements
    • Flag pass at Steel Mill on 6/8
  • Prayers
    • Longboards wife’s uncle, recovery after accident.
    • Ditty – peace of mind.
    • Echo’s wife’s aunt in Dallas
    • All the 2.0s coming soon. Sundance, Simmons, Mortar, Stranglehold, etc.


Nearing the arrival of 2.0 #2, my M and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary. When things are busy and we both get home from work OR my M gets home from work later we can both be too tired after getting the 2.0 to bed to do much together as a couple. This time of year/season of my life offers a good reminder for me to be more intentional about nourishing our relationship with one another. Quality Time – Low Flow once had a powerful COT for me at the Farm talking about getting the Phone away when with M or 2.0s. It is easy to use when needing to relax; junk food for the mind, but it does not offer anything to US. Acts of Service – Doing meaningful tasks, chores, extra things for one another goes a long way. Don’t “keep score” about how much you did and what your M has or has not done. Remember that it is a service and do it with love intentionally behind it. Date Nights – I let these fade to the back burner too often, but intentionally suggesting something different or unique to do shows my M that I am bought in rather than saying “I don’t care what we do tonight, or this weekend, etc.”

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