June 7, 2019-Elmwood Park-AO The Woodshed. 5:30am.  Muggy 78deg/sunny

PAX-Khakis (respect!), The Plague, Lucky Charm, Trade Mark, Tender Foot, Tater Tot, TC (repect!) Polaroid, Billy Boots, Stella, Honey Badger, Safe Ride, OMT, Room Service, Folsom, Huffy, Life Style, SmashMouth, Baby Grand, Ponzi, Cyclone (respect!) Welcome FNG Pit Boss!

Q-Honey Stinger

Welcomes and formalities were briefly exchanged, F3 mission statement and core principles were reviewed for newer PAXmen.  Honey Stinger stressed the importance of leading workouts to develop leaders as illustrated in core principal number 4.  Honey Stinger stressed that the PAX would be pushed to move fast, sleek, sexy and smooth on this fine day!

Warm O’Rama:

Short mosey


Sun Gods 10IC each direction 

Copper head sq 15IC

String Rippers 10IC

Mountain climbers 15IC

Cherry Pickers 12IC

High knees 15IC

Jump Tucks 12

Pre Thang 1: Chumba Burpees

Honey Stinger brought back a PAX NOT favorite with the Chumba Burpee routine.  Tub Thumping was played over the speaker and PAX was instructed to SSH during verses and then do Burpees during the chorus when the song lyrics state “I get knocked down, but i get up again”.  Honey Stinger being a seasoned vet, realized that this routine though great is too long and decided to cut the routine off at 2:30 seconds.  

The PAX then took off on a short mosey to the stop sign on the corner for another short routine.

Pre Thang #2
PAX at the end of the mosey took a standing plank position for 30 seconds followed by a chill cut for 30 second, and then 10 Merkins.  After merkins PAX were instructed to stay in standing plank for 30 more seconds.

Mosey to steps at UNO

Thang (meat and potatoes)
PAX were instructed to partner up for a vicious beat down of of partner counted exercises while they cruised to the sweet jams of Honey Stingers playlist

Monkey Humpers 50

Carolina Drydocks 50

LBCs 75

Air Squats 100

Werkins 50

Calf Raises 100

Cherry Pickers 75

Flutter Kicks 50 IC

Alt Shoulder Taps 75

Mumble chatter could be heard from the beat down PAXmen.  At 6:03am Honey Stinger called “Omaha” and the PAX ran back to the Porto potties they call home to Guns n Roses Sweet Child O mine.  

6 min of Mary

Big Boy Sit ups-12

TC took the PAX out with a solid 30 IC of American Hammers

A count of 23 PAX was taken. 

Welcome FNG Pit Boss!!!.

Name O Rama was executed.  
Announcements/prayer requests.

Freed to Lead study on Tuesday am after AO.  

Prayers for Mama honey were made as she battles brain cancer.  Love was shown was baby “Lemon Wedge” who was born this week.  Love and support were shown out to OMT and Bubbles who are expecting any day.

COT.  H.S Stinger talked of the importance of EHing in the community and Posting to workouts.  Stinger talked about the rough month of May he had come across and the only answer he could come to was to Post to workouts.  Stinger talked about the importance of building relationships in the community through F3 and how he would rely on his F3 brothers to care for his M and 2.0s as they are young and vulnerable.  Stinger stated “if i could surround my 2.0s with all F3 PAXmen I would!  

-YHC Honey Stinger

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