Pax: 21

QIC: Skidz
5 am Pre-Run/Ruck:
PAX: Runnin – Rowdy, Good Lookin’, Rocket
Ruckin – Q-Tip, Skidz, Escobar
Skidz showed up with minimal preparation – Rowdy had realized this when Skidz called at 9pm
the night before asking about golf course holes and distances to Grotto. Hey, it has been a
while. Skidz was also maximizing this effort in the journey to the NE reaches of F3Omaha by
coordinating a meet with Q-tip and Huffy for some car services and bourbon exchanges!
Skidz, Q-Tip, and Escobar set off on a ‘set-up’ ruck around the Woodshed so Skidz could make
sure his Q wasn’t an unorganized disaster. As we trekked out of the parking lot, we came
across a lone sizeable racoon, just standing in front of an elm tree. He stared at us, we stared
back as we walked across his path. This racoon had some balls. We broke the stare first, he
won. It had a bit of a Halloween-ish feel to it, but I guess maybe this is the norm at the
Woodshed, all the animals and such. We got to the grotto, scoped it out, and then turned 360
back towards the golf course. We came across the racoon again, he had moved out to chew
some acorns under a small oak tree. Again, minding his own business but letting us know he
wasn’t scared and this is his turf. OK then.
Set up between hole 9? and 3? a nice 3 man grinder. Somehow Skidz had T-Merkins on both
sheets, maybe a veteran move to help people prep for the APEX? I dunno.
We rucked back post setup with 15 seconds to spare. A solid crowd had gathered, Skidz was
5:30am Beatdown
PAX: Knobs, Rocket, Hooah, Sandy Cheeks, Huffy, Stapler, Good Lookin’, Mad Dog, Escobar,
Polaroid, Tenderfoot, Rowdy, Amadeus, Bayside, Blackjack, Gunner, Q-Tip, Mulch, E-85, Beeps,
Skidz welcomed the Pax promptly at 530am reminding them of the mission to Plant,
Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community
Skidz went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3.
1) Open to ALL men.
2) Always Free.
3) Always held outdoors.

4) Led in a rotating fashion.
5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).
Skidz asked if there were any FNGs and we had ZERO.
Skidz then stated that this is intended to be a modified @F3Omaha Bruiser TM approved
Skidz numbered the PAX off into groups of 3. Your group of 3 will stay together once we reach
the beat down area. We will jog for our warmarama to the Grotto and pick up the 6.
As we jogged through the spring grass to the Grotto, the overwhelming smell of skunk hit us.
Lucky for us the creature scurried away from the Grotto and bushes adjoining the running path,
this was a nice change from the Racoon’s behavior. After some shoulder warmups and tappy
taps, we did some dips and derkins and mosey’d over to the 3 man grinder station on the golf
There is a nice double rail log fence adjacent to the course you have to clear. Skidz instructed
the PAX to parkour or rodeo clown over. Black Jack had other ideas and promptly crushed with
his overwhelming strength the top rail into the ground on his hidey ho going over. Luckily we
avoided injuries and moved on to the Thang.
The Thang: top of hill, bottom of hill, workouts at each station, relieved when pushed by team
Bottom of run: Johnny Drama (15), Gas Pumpers (15), Werkins (20), SSH (15), Can Openers (15),
T-Merkins (15), Air Squats (20). AMRAP
Top of run: Burpees (5), WWIs (15), ASTaps (20), Hillbillies (15), T-Merkins (15), Frozen Freddies
(20), Jump Squat (5). AMRAP
Skidz had promised the brothers we would be first to Roast and beat the Brickyard boys, but
had set his Garmin to run instead of workout. Around 603am Escobar and Rowdy started raising
hell about being first to Roast. WHAT TIME IS IT AMADEUS? 603+ he replied.
Crap! OMAHA, let’s go back and do a quick Mary.
Shortened Mary at the flags 5 min turned into <2min:
SuperSkidz (Superman pose, but really squeeze dem cheeks don’t have a Shart happen) 2 min to
finish. About 60 seconds in, Skidz realized 2 min of Superskidz was Superstupid, so he claimed
ignorance of forgetting phone and ran to the car to grab it. He yelled Omaha about halfway
there, saving the PAX or himself from further verbal abuse. This was only the second F-U Skidz
he heard that day, after the F-U from Huffy for the double T Merkins noted above in the 3-man
grinder session. Cranky Huffy. You’d think he’d be more cheery on a Friday getting bourbon.
Announcements/Prayer Requests:
● Wearing Green (Thank you) for KOA’s nephew Gabe; lost him at age 10 due to an ATV

● Rowdy’s friend going through kidney CA/treatment.
● All the FFFFsss coming up. Look for a schedule for next week.
● Horsetrack Pop Up 4/20 – Only AO to close in Omaha – resurrection?
● F3 Omaha Anniversary on 4/22
● Freed to Bleed on 4/21
● F3 Farm Flag Pass 5/5
COT: SHORT ONE TODAY BOYS GOTTA GET TO COFFEE. Saw this on twitter so hopefully it isn’t
fake. Apparently when Navy Seals run into something that truly sucks, they say “FULL BENEFIT!”.
It is a way to instant mindshift. Hiking and it starts pouring? Driving and you get a flat?
Working on a project and the computer crashes? FULL BENEFIT. ADVERSITY is an OPPY! LFG

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