January 27th, 2023// AO- The Woodshed// FLAG PASS//Temps were cold but tolerable//

44 Pax

Q’s: In the flesh: Bovine, Stapler, and Pony Express. Virtual: Honey Badger and Ponzi

Bovine welcomed the PAX to the Woodshed flag pass and ran through the 5 core principles, Credo, and the F3 mission statement. Bovine is no professional!

Warm O’ Rama – Grotto – Pony Express

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Tappy Taps
  • Big ones

Pre-thang – Moseyed over to creepy corner – Stapler

The pre-thang was Stapler calling out Pax members for a number and that number coincided with Staplers list of exercises. The Pax did this for about 10 minutes

Thang – Moseyed across the street for 11’s – Bovine

The thang was a simple 11’s beatdown to prepare for the CSAUP. One end was big boy sit-ups and the other was lunges

Mary – Virtual brought to you by Ponzi and Honey Badger

Pony Express facetimed with Ponzi and Honey Badger to lead us in some core. Fun times with the former site q’s

Announcements: Check slack.

COT: Bovine thanked the PAX for an awesome year where he felt like he gained more from them and he gave out. Bovine and Stapler have known each other for a long time and this was very fitting to pass the flag to Stapler. Stapler is excited to be leading a site on the east side.  

Aye- Bovine & Stapler

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