May 24, 2019|The Woodshed|57 degrees with Rain and Lightning

PAX: Folsom, Honey Stinger, TC, Safe Ride, OMT, Trademark, Stella, Twin Peaks, The Lifestyle,

QIC: Borland (VQ)

5:20 Borland was on site laying out the stations in the rain. The SUCK was going to be great, so great the SkyQ must’ve taken pity on the PAX because then the lightning started! So at 5:27 an audible was called in the name of safety, and the PAX moved to the Winter Quarters. TC gallantly volunteered to remain on site and send any stragglers to the beat down at the parking garage.
The PAX arrived quickly and got moving!

Borland welcomes the PAX, reviewed the F3 Mission, Motto, and Disclaimer. Then they moseyed up to the far end of the second level for Warm-O-Rama.

10 Werewolves
20 SSH: IC
15 String Ripper: IC
25 Moroccan Nightclubs
20 Tricep Dips
The PAX moseyed back down to the first level to join up with TC for the THANG.

The THANG: Crawl-Walk-Run
Three stations were setup about 20 yards apart (which was about 10 yards closer than originally planned). The PAX would ”Crawl” from Station 1 to Station2, then “Walk” to Station 3, and finally “Run” back to Station 1 to start the next round. Exercises were added at each Station before proceeding to the next.

Round 1:
15 Carolina Dry Docks at Station 1.
Bear Crawl to Station 2, Back Plank until 6 is in
15 Pickle Pounders: IC – Begin on your six, then alternate hip thrusts up and down in cadence
Crab Walk to Station 3, Plank until 6 is in
15 High Knees: IC
Sprint back to Station 1– Al Gore until 6 is in

Round 2:
15 Peter Parkers: IC at Station 1
Spiderman Crawl to Station 2, Al Gore until 6 is in
15 Sumo Squats: IC
Zombie (Lunge) Walk to Station 3, YIC encouraged everyone to make the lunge nice and deep. To which the PAX responded “that’s what she said!” – Al Gore until 6 is in
10 Jump Tucks On UP
Run back to Station 1- Plank until 6 is in

WMD’s (5 Each Werkins, Merkins, Diamond Merkins): On DOWN
WMD Crawl (Bear Crawl 10 Steps then 5 reps, Wide/Normal/Close together) to Station 2 – Al Gore until 6 is in
15 Sumo Squats: IC (both hands touch ground)
Sneaky Gorilla (Drop to low squat, knuckles on ground. Kick leg out in direction of travel into a low lateral lunge. Slide across Lateral lounge keeping knuckles on ground. Spin 180 degrees and repeat) to Station 3 – Al Gore until 6 is in

Plenty of mumble chatter at this point. Twin Peaks observed that he has never before felt the Al Gore in his legs like he did today
15 Mountain Climbers IC
Run back to Station 1 – Plank until 6 is in.
Finish with 20 Tricep Dips and 15 Derkins on DOWN on the garage wall.

The Post-THANG/Staring Contest: As an homage to Gobbler from F3Pittsburg YHC brought one of their creations to F3Omaha.

Borland explained the PAX was to hold an Isometric Exercise as long as possible. Once an individual PAX breaks form during the Isometric Exercise they move onto the next one. Once there is only one PAX left doing the exercise, they will move onto the next exercise. Continue holding until all of the exercises are completed.

Ranger Push-up (down position)
Left Lunge
Right Lunge
Chill Cut
Al Gore

Note to the F3Omaha PAX: Don’t challenge OMT or Lifestyle to a Staring Contest! Hats off to both off them, but Lifestyle took the win!

20 LBC’s: IC
20 Flutter Kicks: IC
15 V-ups: On UP
American Hammer: 15 Fast then 10 Slow IC

Workout Completed the PAX counted off and completed the Name-O-Rama highlighting the headbands!
– Folsom reminder the PAX of the Double Murph at both locations on Monday
– PAX were reminded of the up coming “Man Shower for OMT and Bubbles at Barrett’s B Bar on 5/29 at 6 pm.
– Honey Stinger asked for prayers for his mother who is still dealing with brain cancer and all those in the PAX dealing with injuries and ailments whether it’s themselves or their loved ones.

YHC shared the following with the PAX:
“We’ve all had to learn to crawl before we could walk or run. Hell, I believe we all still go through that sequence on a regular basis with various aspects of our lives. But this workout was inspired by my 2.0’s. I’ve found one the most rewarding things in life is help my 2.0s learn how to walk and then watch them take off at a run on their own adventures. It’s actually getting harder as my kids keep getting older and growing faster than I’d like to admit. When I’m sitting at work, worried about the next project or deadline it’s easy to lose focus on what I think is truly important. I have this poem hanging in my cubicle that one of my daughters gave me years ago to help ground me.

Walk A Little Slower Daddy
“Walk a little slower, Daddy.”
Said a little child so small.
I’m following in your footsteps,
And I don’t want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they’re hard to see;

So walk a little slower Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I’m all grown up,
You’re what I want to be.
Then I will have a little child
Who’ll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true;
So, walk a little slower, Daddy,
For I must follow you!

I think we are all here to be better men, but more importantly to be better fathers. Our 2.0s will truly be our greatest legacy. So walk a little slower so they can find the path you’re building for them.”

Honey Stinger closed us out with a prayer!

It was an honor to lead my first Q during VQ Week! Thanks for the opportunity!



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