The Woodshed Backblast: “Pain Reliever” 5/3/19

On Friday, May 3, 19 PAX came to support OMT’s VQ in 48 degree perfect conditions.  We welcomed back the return of The Plague from his across county venture and clearly he did not miss a beat as he posted a 5am pre-run with Bubbles and Bubbles looked like he finished a marathon at a sprinters pace while the Plague was just twiddling his thumbs during the welcome…..  There were three “just on time” walk ups that joined the group which made for a nice addition. Fudd, visiting from F3Denver, invited two Seattleites (Operation and Drago) who apparently were both real doctors and very helpful in writing pain relief medication prescriptions. OMT crushed the opening statements and off to the mosey….  

The PAX:

The Lifestyle (Hate), Brazilian, Waffle House (Respect), Rollbar, Safe Ride, Forklift, FDIC, Twin Peaks, Fudd, Drago (FNG), Operation (FNG), Caesar (Hate), Khakis (Respect), The Plague (welcome back), Polaroid (click, click, click), Ponzi (what was thaaat?…) Bubbles (Hate!) OMT and Tater Tot.

QIC: OMT (VQ) and Tater Tot

WARM-A-RAMA:  – Mosey to the “bottom of the stairs” said OMT

  1. Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC
  2. Windmills – 10 IC
  3. Tappy Taps – 10 IC
  4. Copperhead Air Squats – 15 IC (I think..)
  5. Butt Kicks 20 IC (I think)
  6. The Snuffy Chinooks – A Plague Specialty to welcome him back

THE PRE THANG (Nifty 50’s) – PAX found a ledge for Derkins and Dips. Tater Tot and OMT practiced this on Thursday during the day in work clothes and received odd looks.  But, if you can’t do it don’t Q it. We needed to know….

20 Derkins (Tater Tot)

20 Dips (OMT)

15 Derkins (Tater Tot)

15 Dips (OMT)

10 Derkins(Tater Tot)

10 Dips (OMT)

5 Derkins (Tater Tot)

5 Dips (Tater Tot)

THE THANG (Pain Reliever)  PAX took short Mosey to the Pavilion/parking lot circle and were counted off into groups of four and five and were instructed to complete split their groups into 2/3.  One group was to run around the parking lot counterclockwise while the other group did the exercise in AMRAP listed on the cone. The idea behind the run was that they could go as fast or as slow as they would like knowing that their other partners were still doing the exercise.  The runners were the pain relievers if that makes sense. Twice Drago (FNG) had to find a watering hole to wet his pallet as it looked as if he just might merlot but held it together….

Cone 1 Exercises With partner trading cadence AMRAP – The run took about 35-40 seconds each rotation.  

  1. Monkey Humpers
  2. Hand Release Merkins
  3. Partner Calf Raises (Toot Toot!)
  4. Burpees
  5. Chillcutts

Refill Prescription…

6 MINUTES OF MARY  – PAX stayed at the Pavilion

First exercise “LBC’s”

Next exercise “Big Boy Sit-ups”

Next exercise “Flutter Kicks”

Final exercise “American Hammer” 30 IC (All I remember)


After count-o-rama and nama-a-rama was complete we introduced our newest FNG’s Operation and Drago.  The PAX were quick and to the point with the naming. F3Denver Fudd was trying hard to fill in the gaps with personal information from the sidelines which became helpful in the naming process.  

There were quite a few announcements in regard to the upcoming CSAUP set for Sunday, May 19 from The Plague.  Tater Tot mentioned to the group how proud he was of OMT. We all have different paths that have taken us to where were are now.  Some are hard. Some are harder. Most importantly OMT was able to work his way into the lives of the F3 brotherhood and found himself leading.

OMT finished with his personal thoughts on how we deal with pain in our lives and that it all comes back to gratitude.  The idea of pain is that we all deal with it differently and that it looks different to everyone. We all come from different backgrounds such as race, finances, education but we all share pain and it is how we deal with it that makes us stronger.  He shared that he and his wife end every day with mentioning at least one thing that happened during the day that they were grateful for which is a great reminder to stay positive in life when pain is near.

OMT led us prayer (Another drink was needed for Drago which slightly delayed OMT but did not seem to faze the PAX.. 😊


OMT and Tater Tot

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