02/01/2018 | The Woodshed AO | 11º

On Friday, February 1st, 2019, 23 Warriors posted for a balmy 11º / 2º RealFeel™ beatdown. Fridays continue to bring out record setting numbers of men to The Woodshed workout and this Friday was no different. As the polar vortex finally lifted, the men of F3 Omaha gathered outdoors to get a little better together.

PAX: Placebo, FDIC (Happy 39th!), Point Break, Waffle House, Timon, Tater Tot, Big One, Lowman, Folsom, Khakis (respect!), TC (respect!), Brazilian, No Doze, The Plague, Honey Badger, OMT, Room Service, Rollbar, Bubbles, Wait Time, Ponzi, FNG Slow Roast (Paul White)

Q: Baby Grand

F3 Intro and Disclaimer were given, Baby Grand & Ponzi’s Brother, FNG Paul appeared from out of the gloom and joined the PAX as they moseyed .3 miles to Elmwood Drive (Pot Alley?) for the Warm-O-Rama.


20 SSH (IC)

10 Imperial Squat Walkers (IC) were called, but Baby Grand was still getting his head screwed on straight and only managed to lead Imperial Walkers

10 Sun Gods sobriety style (IC) & 10 in reverse (IC)

7 Tappy Taps (IC)

7 Tater Tot Tappy Taps/the Quad T (IC)

5 Werewolves (down dog/up dog rinse & repeat)

The PAX began moseying the remaining .45 miles to The Thang and must have been looking extra good this morning as a few vehicles felt the need to lean on their horns to express the joy they felt in seeing this record-setting number of men out at The Woodshed running east together along Dodge Street towards The Bridge.


After hearing such great reports about the Bridge of Hate last Saturday, Baby Grand introduced the Bridge of Hate, part 2, and warned of areas of possible ice on the bridge from scouting this location in preparation for this 3 A-L-A-R-M (Stands for Arm, Leg, Abs, ‘R’ Exercise, ‘M’ Exercise) workout!

PAX were then instructed to partner up to help push each other, keep one another accountable and to have someone to enjoy mumble chatter along the way.


PAX jogged across bridge to the north side of Dodge St.

Arms – 25 Carolina Dry Docks

Jogged back up to the middle of bridge and began…

Legs – 20+ Lunges from the middle of the bridge to south side

Turned around and jogged back across bridge to the north side

Abs – 50 LBCs

Jog across bridge to the south side of Dodge St

M – 40 Monkey Humpers (butt towards Dodge St)

Also, Baby Grand called the wrong exercise leaving out a great ‘R’ Exercise which he will be saving for his next Q.

Then the PAX jogged back across bridge to the north side of Dodge St. for…


Arms – 15 Shoulder Taps (IC)

Jogged across bridge to the south side

Legs – 40 Squats

Jogged across bridge to the north side

Abs – 15 Peter Parkers (IC)

Jogged across bridge to the south side

R – 25 Ranger Merkins

Jogged across bridge to the north side

M – 10 Makhtar N’Diayes

Stayed on the north side for the next ALARM


Arms – 15 Burpees

Legs – 30 Jump Squats (for those playing along at home, this burpee + squat combo was pretty painful)

Jogged across bridge to the south side

Abs – 15 Snowy Mountain Climbers (IC)

R – 10 Rockette Hillbillies (IC)

(bring a knee up to elbow on same side of body for count 1 (e.g. left knee to left elbow), set the foot down, then follow it by a high kick with the same leg for count 2. Repeat with the next leg for counts 3 & 4 )

Omaha was called after Baby Grand allowed the time to go a bit long, and the mosey home began. Halfway to the flags the groups were instructed to finish the ‘M’ exercise in order to complete the ALARM and break up the .75 mile run.

M – 10 Pattycake Merkins with partner and then finish the mosey to the flags.


Wait Time graciously helped the group hold various plank positions as the mosey home took longer than originally planned. After thinking the Six was in (they weren’t –  Ponzi and our FNG Paul jogged up halfway through the final ab exercise – sorry brothers!) Baby Grand asked TC to take the group home with some tried and true American Hammers.

30 American Hammers (IC)


After Count-O-Rama was completed (welcome Big One!) the group quickly jumped into


1 FNG was named – welcome Slow Roast!!

Announcements & Prayers

A quick ad for the newest AO, Heavy Metal, was given by Folsom along with a reminder for Saturday’s AO, The Oracle at Boys Town

Message from Baby Grand

Baby Grand quickly thanked everyone for their support and for attending his first solo Q. Baby Grand then brought up Love. Love is why we push one another at each workout. Regardless of the hate you may feel for the Q during the workout, each workout is built to make one another better, to serve one another, and is ultimately from a place of love. Baby Grand paraphrased Matthew 10:42 which talks about even the smallest acts of service (like giving a cup of water to someone who is thirsty) are truly based on Love.   

He closed by encouraging the HIMs to find ways to create moments, acts of service or just a kind word to a friend, co-worker, or family member that they want to show love to today. As leaders, we carry a responsibility to lead and love well.

Baby Grand closed in prayer and turned in his solo Q card.


Baby Grand

[Thank you for the texts, tweets and words of encouragement, along with some great pointers in how to continue improving as a Q. I was truly humbled to lead you all on Friday and am honored to call you my friends.]
PAX ran ~2.43m together today

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