The Maize 1-31-2019 05:30AM -1 Degrees | -16 Windchill

AO: Copperfield Park: The Maize 1-31-2019 05:30AM | -1 degrees | -16 Windchill

PAX: Ethanol, Tonight Show, The Plague, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Waffle House, Sasquash, Khakis, Wait Time,  Crab Cakes, Brazilian, Honey Badger

QIC: Ethanol

Weather: The weather was cold… -1 degrees, with -16 windchills…. The motivation was HIGH… and the energy was flowing early.     

The intro and disclaimer were given…. Once the PAX were briefed, the beating began.       

The herd ran around the Maize, until we found a wood line that was out of the wind a bit…. Still COLD.

Warm-a-Rama: The PAX bunched up, for warm-a-rama warmth….

Sungods: 10 IC each way 

SSH: 20 IC

Flutter Kicks: 20 IC

THE THANG:  Unleash Your Inner Animal

Sometimes you have to work up to it…. Put a thumb on your inhibitions, and release the beast. 

As the sun became an object of anticipation, the herd began to stir.  The energy was there, but it needed to be harnessed and channeled towards the betterment of the group.  What better way to unleash that energy, than a steamy deck of cards beatdown.  The deck of cards was loaded up with all sorts of treats, and a couple of Jokers that tested the bond of the pack.  The cards started to fly, 5 at a time.  When the exercises were complete, the herd ran the woods to get to the next feeding ground.  Somewhere along the way, the animal instinct turned south….. it turned into more of a filthy animal situation.  The chatter turned from the cold and misery, to some very questionable visions of a beach, and an orange zinc oxide only wardrobe.  Stuff just got weird at that point.  The lion got the pride back on track, and the beating continued.  The first joker showed up somewhere in the middle of the workout… some simple burpees.  It was met, not with resistance, but more of a growing sense of aggression, as the herd continued to feed off on one another.  The other joker was revealed a short time later… but held back until the time was right.  When the last card was turned, up jumped the joker.  It just happened to be a 100 yard bear crawl/last man up, across the great plains of West Omaha.  The move was long and treacherous, never easy, but filled with the motivation and encouragement of every man in the pack.  If you are not the lead bear, the view never changes…. As we moved along, the mumble chatter turned into me becoming what everyone but the lead bear was seeing…..   

  • Merkins x 94
  • Mountain Climbers x 94
  • Air Squats x 94
  • BBS x 94
  • Burpee x 15
  • 100 yard last man up bear crawl move x 1

6MoM:  this time of the year, the F3Omaha animal has gone nocturnal, so we had to scatter before the sun came up.  6MoM was converted into a quick ball of man and a sendoff. 

Name-a-Rama and CoT were completed

Remember to look out for the pack… if you have not seen someone in a while… call out for them…. if they don’t answer, call out again and if the still don’t answer… call out again.  Our strength is in our bond… may it stand the test of time. 

Ball of man was formed…  Ethanol  took us out with a prayer….  Leave everything better than it was when you got there. Strive, every single day, to be better husbands, dads, coworkers, friends and people in general.  Unleash the beast and you can do anything!  

Ethanol Out-

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