4/12/19 ELMWOOD PARK AO – The Woodshed

PAX:  Ponzi, Baby Grand, OMT, The Lifestyle (HATE), Point Break, Bubbles (HATE…sorry brother), Biggie Smalls, Tater Tot, Khakis (RESPECT), Walk On, Safe Ride, Peekaboo, No Doze, Lowman

Q: Lowman

Welcomed 14 PAX to a cool and windy-ish morning at the woodshed. Upon reminding all that he is not a professional, Lowman attempted to adlib the mission, failed, and restarted with the actual mission to remind the PAX in attendance of why we’re all here.


The PAX moseyed to the Grotto for Warma-a-rama:

SSH 30 IC → Cherry Pickers 20 IC → Windmills 20 IC → SSH 30 IC (yes, again) → Arm Circles 10/10 IC → Jump Tucks (10)


PAX moseyed to the lower road on UNO’s east side for one of YHC’s standards – Circle Merquats, consisting of two groups of men executing Merkins in an ascending fashion from 1 to 10, and then repeating with Air Squats. YHC’s on-the-fly instructions after a hard mosey were not quite as conducive to the time remaining, so Omaha was called after enough merkins and air squats were executed to produce adequate mumblechatter.

The Thang

PAX moseyed to the UNO stairs, where Professor YHC provided instructions for their group projects. Breaking out into groups of 3 or 4, each group moved from each of 4 stations, executing an exercise of their choice, with a few guidelines.

  • Station 1 at bottom of stairs: Leg exercises (20)
  • Station 2 at top of stairs: 5 Burpees
  • Station 3 at “the patio”: Ab exercises (20)
  • Station 4 at “the loading dock”: Chest/Shoulder exercise (20)

YHC counted (though loosely) 4 circuits through the stations and observed real leadership in action, as each group member took turns deciding on exercises and calling out counts or cadence. Even when suffering, the PAX was ready to step up and lead, and that’s what we’re all here for.

Mosey to the Shovel?

With the shovel in ground, but flag pole too complicated to assemble in the gloom, the PAX gathered for 6MOM.

LBCs 20 IC → Gas Pumpers 20 IC → Super Swimmers 15 IC → Circle of Hammer 40 IC (rest after each set of 10) T-Claps to Safe Ride for nailing his cadence call on week 1!

Announcements & Prayers:

  • Thanks to Folsom for his leadership on the shovel flag project / labor of love
  • Our brothers from KC are posting 4/13, try to be there to welcome them and teach them the way of the F3 Omaha PAX
  • Prayers to those in the D66 system that have lost jobs recently due to budget cuts
  • Prayers for PAX and the families of PAX who are ill, fighting injuries, or dealing with long-term health issues that affect their daily lives

Circle of Trust:

  • YHC thanked the PAX for coming out that morning and braving the elements, and thanked No Doze and others for their direct, yet correct feedback at the thought of YHC utilizing the Winter Quarters. While sharp*, their feedback was just, and the right call.
  • This example reminded YHC of the importance of feedback and vulnerability in our activities as a PAX, at home, and at work (Mammon), and challenged all in attendance to look for opportunities to ask for honest feedback (say on a presentation, or after a meeting, or after a Q).
  • “Iron sharpens Iron” is the saying, and so it goes, without another piece of Iron (a trusted PAX member, shield lock member, or loved one or mentor), our Iron will dull over time.
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