Pax: Stall, Good Lookin, Rocket, Hooah, Stapler

Q: Gunner

This Friday morning in Elmwood Park provided the perfect setting for a men’s small workout group.  For some odd reason, I was not super motivated this morning, but these men posting this morning got my energy level going.  There was some initial discussion that a lot of Pax would be at Predator’s  1 year anniversary and the Woodshed would be pretty small-and it was.  Perfect.  It was time to get rolling since the pre-running were starting to cool down with the mighty gusts of wind. We got the introduction, mission statement and principles stated and off we went.  Actually.  We did a few windmills in the parking lot to loosen the lower back and then off we went.

We  went straight up the hill the cart path for 15 Imperial walkers and 15 SSH. We ran to the end of number six fairway and all the way to the tee box.

 At the tee box we used the stone wall.  We did 15 dips, decline alternating shoulder taps, 10 IC step ups.  We ran down the cart path and did 20 IC gas pumpers. Ran back up to the tee box for 10 IC step ups, 10 ranger merkins and 10 werkins and then we moseyed further on the cart path.

We went a little spell to another tee box and we did 15IC SSH, Red Bull Imperial walkers and 15 IC Peter Parkers. Ran to the bottom of the hill for 15 IC Freddie Murcuries and then ran back to the tee box for more exercises.  It is apparent this work out is a string of pearls style beatdown.  There was a fair amount of running, but there were frequent stops and there was not long stretches.  It was a pretty ideal running work out.  With that said we moved out from that tee box and ran the cart parth.

At the cart path turnaround, we kept our butts dry and we did Capt Thors on the path.  The Capt. Thors were 4 American Hammers to 1 Big Boy sit up.  We did all pax members counting a set. All the way up to 20 and 5.  After this we went off the cart path over to the Shakespeare in the park location and used the picnic tables. We did some leg exercises and we ran the hill up to UNO’s main campus.  At the top of the hill we did 10 Ranger Merkins, 10 Werkins, 5 tempo merkins.

We got to running once again through UNOs campus, down University Drive and cut into the alley and to the stairs.  We did a trade off.  Instead of doing Mary, we did stair sprints. We did a set of 6 stair sprints to get our pump on.  After the sprints it was time to head back to the shovel flag.  Hooah led a very strong pace to the finish line from the stairs back to the shovel flag.  We had a great small work out group this morning that cover a good amount of ground this AO has to offer.  It was at this time, we joined up with Stapler who was rolling in after driving back from the Cheifs game. 

There was a couple of announcements this week.  Hate pop up on Monday and I don’t remember the second one.

Prayers were just some silent intentions.

The COT was just a brief history of why Friday the 13th is thought to be a bad omen.  We then, as always closed out in prayer.

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