1/05/2023, 5:30 | The Steel Mill | 26°F

PAX: Duracell, Milo, Doozer, Busser, Crankbait, Shingles, Kick Stand, sweet roll, Highlife

QIC: Simmons

At 5:00 multiple options for Pre-runs were given. The usual 5k run, the rucks were available. Burpee and Murph challenges were also going strong.

At 5:30 Simmons welcomed PAX to F3 and thanked them for coming out for his Q. He reminded them of the mission to Plant, Serve, and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. He then covered the 5 core principals of F3. 1) Open to ALL men. 2) Always free. 3) Always held outdoors. 4) Lead in a rotating fashion. 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). He also stated, “I am not a professional! And to modify as needed!” He stated the credo of, “Leave no man behind and leave no man where we found him!” Lastly he asked if we had any FNG’s (there was none).

The Warm – A – Rama 

Pax completed 20 side straddle hops, 15 Tappy Taps and 10 Big Ones. Then a round of 15 side straddle hops, Sun Gods 10 in cadence each way as well as Colt 45’s. Pax then finished with 10 burpees.

The Thang

Pax Completed a large super set with 9 exercises. Each round finished with a different exercise for 20 count in cadence followed by a 20 second each way, 3-way plank. Each round consisted of:

4-way Merkins (normal, wide, wide with fingers out, narrow with fingers reversed)

3-way DB Chest press (together, alternating, individually)

DB chest fly into skull crushers

Monkey Humpers

DB Spilt Squats

Johnny Dramas

Arnold Presses

DB Lateral into Front Raises

Carolina Dry-docks.

The first round was 10 reps for the chest exercises, 15 for the legs, and 10 for the shoulders. The second and third went the same order just with reps set at 8/12/8, and 6/10/6. The exercises fone for 20 count in cadence between each rounds were Side straddle hops, Lunges, and Bear Crawl/ Crawl Bears.

At the end of 3 rounds we concluded with 2 rounds of merry. We did Dead Bugs, Toe Touches, and Sarpy slammers all with a DB. Omaha was then called.

Pax Performed 10 Steel Hammers to finish the workout.


“Getting after goals”

I just wanted to start the year by sharing some advice I give my clients and my wife about goals. On your best days you need to celebrate, but also keep yourself humble. On your worst days you need to be honest with yourself, but also give yourself a break. 

As we chase our goals this year, there is going to be days, weeks, maybe even months when we make no progress. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get back after those goals. Remind yourself of the hard work you have done up to this point. Take the necessary rest and recovery needed to get back after it. The important thing is were setting goals to make ourselves better, and as long as were making attempts at progress, we’re heading in the right direction!

Announcements: CSAUP, Murph, Burpee Challenges, APEX 

Prayer Requests: Friends and family illnesses, friends divorces and loss of work, mental health overall

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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