The Steel Mill 5/18/23, 5:30 AM, 54 Degrees “Short Term Consequence, Long Term Benefit”

PAX: 23 Total: Busser, Bobsled, Amadeus, G-String, Dozer, Tenacious D, Truck Stop, Rooney, Feeney, Beans, Shingles, Irish Car Bomb, Parsecs, Big Rig, Shocker, Yugo, Longboard, Invictus, Dfib (FNG), Canvas, Duetschmark (FNG) OG Kickstand. QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: 20 side straddle hops, 15 sun gods, 15 reverse sun gods, 5 slurpees (slow burpees). Grab 1 weight, 20 Halo Dead Lifts (dead lift, raise dumbbell up & circle your head). 8 Turkish getups holding 1 weight in air.  20 Locomotives (1 weight in each hand, stand in lunge, move arms in circular movement.)

Prethang: We did 1 minute each of 3 combination moves, combining multiple body parts. 1 dumbbell: Squat/ShoulderPress/Tricep Skull Crusher.  Muy Thai Knees (hold weight out at shoulder level, pull weight back as you push your knee forward.)  Alternating side lunges + row

The Thang:  We did 1 minute “rounds” consisting of 4 dumbbell exercises. After each set of 4 exercises, we did harder versions of the same exercise. 

Round 1: 2 dumbbell chest press pushing feet out as arms go up.  Alternating lunge w/ curl as you lunge.  Hold 1 dumbbell & do 10 reps reaching weight to opposite foot.  Press Jack: side straddle hop with one dumbbell, raising dumbbell skyward during the side straddle hop.   

Round 2: Making Round 1 slightly higher… 1 dumbbell chest press, squeezing ends of dumbbell while pushing feet out as arms go up.  Alternating lunge w/ curl+ shoulder press as you lunge.  Hold 1 dumbbell & do 10 reps reaching weight to opposite foot.  Fakey Bobby Hurley: holding one dumbbell, “fake” dumbbell out like a basketball as you step sideways out, raise dumbbell up like a basketball shot as you hop, repeat.    

Round 3: Mahktar Rows: Complete a mahktar, then grab your weights & do a weighted row.  Rainbow Press: Hold both dumbbells over 1 shoulder, press skyward, arc the weights over to the other shoulder, repeat. Weighted LBC’s: hold 1 weight at thigh level & push weight up towards knee as you do your LBC. Weighted Charles Barkleys, which is a totally made up name: Hold 1 weight with elbows out, step out & swing elbows like you’re clearing the lane after a rebound.

Everybody Hurts Core: The song Everybody Hurts by REM came up in the playlist & we performed core for this 6 minute song.  Weighted plank taps: hold a plank while moving 1 dumbbell 6 inches back & forth in front of you.  Switched to the weight moving side to side after 1 minute.  Core Raises: We placed our hands on our dumbbells & sat cross legged – we attempted to raise our 6 off the ground using core strength.  Yoga Belly: We alternated legs while holding 1 leg 6 inches off ground & changed our hand position to transfer weight to change intensity, with hands behind the head being the most difficult.  We finished with weighted boat… holding a boat position, with the weight reaching out to our feet.

COT: The COT was “Short Term Consequences vs Long Term Benefits” versus “Short Term Benefits vs Long Term Consequences.” We spoke about the inverse relationship.  For example, the short term consequence of exercise is that it was painful to exercise, but repeating the short term consequence over & over will result in a long term benefit.  In contrast, enjoying the short term benefit of unhealthy food or alcohol, etc, will result in a long term consequence that we will wear on our bodies.  


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