May 25, 2019//Boys Town//AO- Oracle//64 balmy degrees//

Pax: Waffle House (Respect), Brazilian, Flying J (FNG), Safe Ride, Chaz, TC (Respect), Trademark, Selleck, Six Shooter, Freestyle (FNG), Bubbles, The Worm, Billy Goat (FNG, Respect, Respect, Respect), Vandelay, CSI, Gipper, Honey Stinger, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The Thang:

Why Do We Have to Run?  (Folsom announced that this would be a running workout, but should have been more clear that the PAX could opt to go with group 1 if they didn’t want to run.) After splitting the PAX in two, Folsom lead his half of the PAX on a .5 mile mosey to a parking lot close to Boys Town Reservoir #1. Al Gore for the 6. There he had the PAX split into 2 groups and line up for a little Merkin Wave. (Hold high plank, start on the right, first man does 10 merkins, calls out done, next man repeats, all the way to the end of the line.) Next, the PAX jumped up to do a quick and refreshing 10 Bobby Hurleys, before returning to Merkin Wave for the last man to send the wave back (left to right this time). Once again, it was followed by a quick and refreshing 10 Bobby Hurleys. Then the PAX dropped down to a chill cut for a little leap frog. Once again, after all the PAX got to leap, they joined together for 10 Bobby Hurley’s. Then The PAX reversed the leapfrog to bring it back to the beginning. After everyone got a chance to jump the line twice, Folsom lead the PAX on a second .5 mile mosey. That mosey turned out to be a bit too ambitious, so half way through, the PAX stopped to Al Gore for the 6, then did 10 Merkins before finishing the mosey to the infield of the track.  Plank for the 6, which turned into a pretty long plank as part of the PAX had taken a shortcut to the track, but got lost.

Zombie WMD Merkins

Folsom had the PAX return to their two groups and line up across the infield to Zombie walk 20 yards, drop for 20 Werkins, Zombie Walk 20 yards, 20 Merkins, Zombie Walk 20 yards, 20 Derkins. (15 Minutes)

Why Are We Running Again?

Folsom called for a mosey back to the ShovelFlags! It was a nice .3 mile jog of death.


  1. Protractor (call out degrees, 10, 30, 45, 60, 90)
  2. Freddy Mercury 20 IC
  3. Scissors 20 IC
  4. American Hammers 10 reps IC, 10 count rest, repeat.  (went through 40 reps)


Brazilian reminded us that the MAHA music festival is need of volunteers to exist. Specifically, MAHA needs bartenders. It’s a great festival and a great place to volunteer. In exchange for volunteering, you get free admission to the festival.

COT: Keep EHing

Folsom shared that his 1 year F3 anniversary was May 24, 2019. Folsom was EH’ed by Brazilian, which consisted of a text telling Folsom to be outside his house at 5:15 a.m., to bring gloves, and to not make Brazilian have to honk. But not everyone responds to that kind of EH. Most people take a lot of talking to get them to that first post. So keep it up. Keep talking about F3 with your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, your church, whatever groups you belong to because there are a lot of men out there that need F3. They don’t know it yet, but we know that they need it. They are Sad Clowns and F3 is the cure. So keep EHing. 

Aye- Folsom

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