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Pax: No Doze, Slow Pitch, Blue Suede, Bloodshot, Honey Stinger, Khakis, Tater Tot, Lowman, Vandelay, FNG-Sparrow (Doug Peters), Cheesehead, Sasquash, Gipper, CSI, Gunner, TC, Merch, Smashmouth, and Wait Time.

QIC: Wait Time 

A Saturday morning PAX of 37 was greeted by Wait Time and Polaroid. Full representation of shovel flags as virtually every Omaha AO was represented. Polaroid provided the mission statement while Wait Time provided the disclaimer.

The PAX took off on a mosey as they made their way to the ball field.

Warm O’ Rama

•SSH x 20 IC

•String Rippers x 12 IC

•Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

•Cherry Pickers  x 15 IC

•Sun Gods x 12 IC

•Chinooks x 12 IC

•Shoulder Taps x 20 IC

•Imperial Walkers x 20 IC


After a short mosey to the van lot the group was led in a Steinl.  Wait Time led the charge and reintroduced the PAX to what they surely missed in his short time away!

Plank x 30-Ct | Chilcutt x 30-Ct | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman (right leg) x 10 IC | 10 Merkins | Plank x 30-Ct | Chilcutt x 30-Ct | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman (left leg) x 10 IC | 10 Merkins

A count was done and the groups were split into two. A quick mosey and we were at the practice field.

THANG: A View To Kill from Heartbreak Hill:
After the groups split, Wait Time doled out 5 burpees before moseying towards the lake. The PAX stopped at one pain station and joined a partner in doing the following exercises:
Part 1: PLANK/Sit Ups
Partner A completed 10 Big Boy Sit-ups, While Partner B planked and held Partner A’s feet. After Partner A completed the reps, each pair flapjacked. Three sets of BB Sit-ups were completed.
The PAX moseyed to the dam, and they were instructed to select from a smorgasbord of coupons (45 lb bricks, 30 lb bricks and various sand bags). The coupons were carried to Heartbreak Hill for:
Part 2: DORA at Heartbreak Hill
Partner A ran, walked or crawled up the infamous Heartbreak Hill. Partner B began the following exercises:
Curls x 150
Squats x 150
Merkins x 150
When Partner A returned, the pair flapjacked until all exercises were completed. Each PAX climbed Heartbreak Hill 8-10 times.
Part 3: Bear Crawl/Plank Jacks
The PAX bear crawled across the dam. Partner A bear crawled while Partner B completed 20 plank jacks. When the plank jacks were completed, Partner B tapped out Partner A and continued the Bear Crawl trek across the dam. Each partner completed two sets of plank jacks.

6 MOM Mary: 
Due to time constraints, Mary was completed through a series of pain stations during the mosey back to the shovel flag.
Station #1: SSH x 20 IC | American Hammer x 15 IC
Station #2: American Hammer x 15 IC
Station #3: Dips x 20

Announcements: The Pit launching on 7/22 in Papillion at Halleck Park. EH away as we kick off the new AO!

Continued prayers for the PAX with new babies: Lemon Law, OMT, and (soon-to-be) Bubbles. No Doze asked that we continue to pray for the Gretna community and the families who lost a loved one in the tragic car accident.

Omaha World Herald will be sending a writer and photographer next Saturday to the Oracle. Knock out a few extra burpees this week in preparation!

COT: Wait Time passed around a photo of his grandmother, Nellie Bills. The photo showed Grandma Nellie playing whiffle ball on Mother’s Day when she was 95 years old. Nellie Bills lived to be 99 years old. She was 4’11”, a retired school cook, who never drove a car in her entire life, never earned more than $15K a year and was a widow for the last 28 years of her life. Yet, Wait Time said she was the happiest, most joyful person he ever met.
Grandma Nellie was famous for her hugs. She hugged everyone she met. This week, YHC returned from a 3-week sabbatical – caring for family in Indiana. Coming back, I was greeted with so many enthusiastic hugs from my fellow PAX. It reminded me of the love that Grandma Nellie expressed to people, and a quote I once heard, “You can tell a lot about people’s relationship by the way that they greet each other and say good-bye. This week I truly felt the Second F with the greetings from my beloved PAX.

Wait Time closed in prayer.

Grace, Peace, & Hugs,
Wait Time

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