12-19-2022 / Westside High School Career Center 3534 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68144

AO: The Octagon – about 20 degrees, humid, and a light wind.

Q:  Tight Lip 

PAX:  Golden Pike, Tooner, Khakis, Lansbury, Ditty, Smash Mouth, Honey Made, Space Bar, Tug Boat

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles, as well as the motto that we will leave no man behind – and leave no man where we found them (because we are all on the move together).


at exactly 0530 I made the announcements and said the things, and then I got the PAX moving.  We started by taking the long way to the track where we did a lap, then circled up under the parking lot light for some Warmarama (because the light is better than the dark).  We did the expected side-straddle hops, tappy-taps, cherry pickers, Bobby Hurley’s, and Moroccan Night Clubs.


we took a mosey the long way back around the school where we circled up for some Pickle Pushers, Monkey Humpers, and Alternating Shoulder Taps.  After that we partnered up and did a set of 11s with Sumo Squats, and Heels to Heaven as the opposing exercises.  The Q realized after the first set that he put the marker lights ridiculously far apart, but that’s how it goes sometimes…

The Thang

we moseyed the long way back to the track and stayed partnered up where the Q thought it would be a good idea to finish out our time by running laps, stopping to do six burpees every half lap.  This had the desired effect of keeping the PAX moving and made many of us realize that we were over dressed, but that’s how it goes sometimes.


the Q is still new and didn’t realize this was a thing, so it wasn’t a thing this morning, but he’ll onboard the information and incorporate it in future Qs.


Sticking with my mental health and advocacy for counseling theme, I shared with the PAX one of the single most paradigm shifting phrases I have taken away from a session.  “Ideas do not need to be in competition with each other.”  This time a year more than most we may be around people that we have different ideologies or outlooks than, and that’s okay.  Our idea doesn’t need to be the prevailing victor at the end of an interaction.  We will be HIM marked by our total character, not our ability to prove a point.

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