AO: Copperfield Park

PAX: Rollbar, Borland, Crabcakes, Wait Time, Ethanol, TC, Daniel-san, Stretch, Brazilian, Lemon Law

QIC: Lemon Law

Weather: 71 and 95% humidity (mmm….soupy!)

You’ve probably seen the window stickers in cars for 13.1 or 26.2. How about this one: “0.0. But seriously, good for you”? I bring this up because Ethanol advertised a pre-party run at 0500. Ethanol is the only one who showed up for the pre-party, so…seriously, good for you, Ethanol.(** see infra 6MoM).

YHC welcomed participants, and the disclaimer was proclaimed.


PAX moseyed to the basketball, and performed the following:
SSH x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Windmills x10 IC

Sun Gods, sobriety style x10 IC F, x10 IC R

The Thang

The focus for The Thang this morning was knees. I’ve heard other PAX mention knee issues, which I have as well. Thus, exercises were done to strengthen them. PAX paired up. One PAX stayed on the court and started working through the following, while his partner ran to the far goalpost and back. Each worked through the list individually.

All exercises x15 (each leg as called for), rinse and repeat

Calf raises

Moon gods

Copperhead squats

Mountain climbers2

Jump squats

Side-to-side lunge

Single-leg squat

Cindy Crawfords

While the goal was strengthen knees more than administering a beatdown, it was nonetheless pleasing to YHC’s ears to hear mumble chatter as The Thang progressed. It was probably due to running through a swamp instead of a normal field.


PAX moseyed back to the shovel flag.

**at this point, Ethanol grabbed a package of Oreos left near the shovel flag. PAX questioned (and rightly so) what exactly constituted Ethanol’s pre-party run.

The reader may have noticed a complete lack of upper-body work done during The Thang. This was rectified with…The Steinl!

(The planned American Hammer was skipped due to time and BoomBoom’s absence.)



1)      Thirsty Thursday at 6pm at Stinson Park tonight. Maize PAX – I challenge you to double dip!

2)      A special 2nd F for Curds at 6:45pm tonight at Pauli’s (Aksarben)

Wait Time closed us out in prayer.

Being the 6/Thanks to Curds

As some of you have surely noticed, I’m often the 6 on longer runs (maybe 5:45 now). No matter what your level of self-esteem, it is always encouraging to have someone run the race with you. I am thankful to the PAX who have circled back to run with me, and encourage me. You are one reason why I’m better today than I was 3 months ago. And I want to say a special thank you to Curds. He was usually the one hanging back with me at the Oracle, and I still remember him excitedly proclaiming “Did you notice…you weren’t the 6 today!” Curds…you are a Mensch, a HIM, and you will be missed by F3 Omaha.

SYITswampy/boggy/all-around nastyG,

Lemon Law

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