Date: 0530 9-13-18  AO:The Maize  Weather: 65 degrees, 95%

Pax: Ethanol, Hardhat, Wait Time, Dufrense, Crab Cakes, Waffle House (RESPECT!)

Q: Roll Bar

The 7 men of the PAX gathered at the shovel flags and noted the presence of F3 Omaha’s CMU blocks, at 0530 sharp Roll Bar introduced himself, welcomed them to the gloom and gave the standard issue Mission, Purpose and Disclaimer. Each man was instructed to grab a coupon and take the short  mosey to the basketball court. Placing the blocks at the far baseline the PAX gathered at midcourt.


SSH x15ic

Windmills x15ic

Cherry picker x15ic

Back with their block at the Baseline Roll Bar laid out the Thang:

Suicide x1 (Sprint baseline to half court and back, baseline to baseline)

3 part block push-ups x15 (one hand on the block, both hands on the block, opposite hand on the block)

Suicide x2

Block squats x20


Overhead Block press x20

Suicide x3

Aiken legs

Suicide x4

Reverse & Repeat


Sweat Angels x20ic

LBCs x20ic

American Hammers w/ blocks x10ic

Announcements and prayer:

*Continued prayers for Wait Time as he seeks a new opportunity

*Wait Time’s friend Bill G. in North Carolina passed away during a workout at the gym, prayers for comfort to his family and friends. As well as a reminder for the PAX that healty eating is just as important as exercise.

* Waffle House reminded us of our brothers down south who are about the get hit by a serious storm. Lets all keep them in mind.

Roll Bar closed with a prayer of thanksgiving for the men around him who have dedicated themselves to the 3 Fs and the blessing they have been to him personally.


Roll Bar

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