Date: 01/10/23 | Location: Catamount Complex | Start Time: 5:15 AM | Temp: 25

Title: “RAMS”

PAX (9) : Low Flow, Farva, Swiper, Schrute, Dutch Oven, Ditty, Duracell, Squeeze Box (FNG)

Q: G String

Pre Run/Murph/Burpees: Low Flow, Farva, Swiper, Schrute, Duracell

At 4:15 am, G String sat alone in the parking lot, reminiscing of the old days of basketball and football games at this site. Ah the glory days. Before falling back asleep in his warm truck, he threw on the vest, grabbed the signage, and stepped out to see Farva strolling in. Perfect timing because he was supplying the lighting and means of music for the beatdown. G String ran to the field to setup, then returned to the flags to find a few other PAX for a little smurph action. Off we went. Prerunning/smurphing at the Catamount brings some challenges as it’s uphill in all directions.

At 5:15 am, G String welcomed the PAX to the Catamount Complex, stating F3 stands for fitness, followship, and faith.  He stated the Mission Statement to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership then covered 5 core principles – it’s free, open to all men, always outside, it’s held in a rotating fashion, and it ends in a circle of trust.  He told them that we leave no man behind and no man where we found them.  He disclaimed to the group that he is not a professional and advised them to modify as necessary. One FNG was present. The group circled up for a quick warm-a-rama, which got very distracting because of the competitive nature of the group attempting to get a head start on naming the FNG.

Warm a Rama:

  • 10 x Cherry Pickers (IC)
  • 10 x Big Ones (IC)

We cut the WaR short, and then moseyed to the football field. Let’s get to work – on the goal line men! G String explained briefly that the plan was to complete the “Quarter Pounder” as explained below. The tie to this was that after the Friday night games, the students would all venture to the Sonic in Ralston where we’d veg out on burgers and slushies. Obviously the safe and responsible thing to do on Friday nights in high school.


  • Quarter Pounder:
    • Sprint to the 25 and Do 25 Big Boys. Bernie Sanders back to goal line.
    • Sprint to the 50 and do 50 Merkins. Bernie Sanders back to goal line.
    • Sprint to the 75 and do 75 Squats. Bernie Sanders back to goal line.
    • Sprint to the 100 and do 100 SSH. Bernie Sanders back to goal line.


  • Four corners with exercises at each where we spelled ‘RAMS’. Perform all exercises and continue to next station. Between stations, mosey once around track until we reached the next station (1-1/4 lap).
    • 25 Sumo Squats

Returned to the flags for Mary. We performed 105 heel touches and (9) Sarpy Slammers.

Name-o-Rama (see above list of PAX)

FNG’s: One – Squeeze Box

Announcements:  CSAUP January 28th. Halfway House January 29th at the Maize. Building beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace through The Water’s Edge. Mental Battle next Wednesday.

Prayers/Intentions: DOA’s family. Mr Deeds. Visty family.


Switching to the first person… I explained my passion for playing sports growing up and how big of a part that played in my life. I brought this up because leading a workout at Gross brought back many memories of the high school rivalry we had when I attended Ralston. Briefly reminiscing on these feelings, I stated the fact that at some point in life those doors close and we need to move on. Don’t be an Uncle Rico and dwell on the past.  I shared three quotes that I found relating to moving on that I hoped that PAX would relate to:

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

“Sometimes God closes doors because it’s time to MOVE forward. He knows you won’t move unless your circumstances force you.”

I reiterated that God has a plan, and we need to trust in it.

Sarpy Pastor Swiper led us out in prayer.


G String

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