Pax: TC, Waffle House, Spreadsheet, Golden Pond, Gator, Polaroid, Mac N Cheese, No Cry, Hipster, Chiclets, Flying V, Touche, Gucchi (FNG), Toadstool

Co Qs: Reba, DaVinci, Gunner

It could not have been a more beautiful setting for the start of this glorious Saturday morning. So many wonderful HIMs posted for today’s leadership change and the Premier AO showed why it is the premiere AO. 

The time flipped to 0700 and I had to get the beatdown started but the enthusiasm was still running high among the Pax.  I welcomed everyone and special thanks to Waffle House, TC, and Spreadsheet for their past leadership as Site Q Emeritus status of The Canyon.  We included other great men Cyclone, Side Dish and Joe Buck who could not attend today. It was a wonderful opportunity to be speaking to everyone but I needed to shut up and get some heart rates up and some calories to burn so off we went.

Warmarama – Gunner

We moseyed to the far east sidewalk of the park right below the Largest Flag of any F3 Omaha AO for warmarama.  We performed:

Motivators – starting from 5.  After Motivators, we moseyed down to Heartland of America lakeside for a pre-thang 1.

Pre-Thang 1 – We partnered up at the lakeside dock and ran stair laps.  We would meet our partner at the top and the bottom and we did (1) Bropee before continuing.  We did a total of 4 laps.

Pre-Thang 1 concluded at 7:18 and passed off to DaVinci and Pre Thang 2.

Pre-Thang 2 – DaVinci

1 Mile String of Pearls

We headed back up to Farnam Street promenade and we Bernie Sanders back to 8th St. At 8th St. we did 10 IC Monkey Humpers and 10 IC Pickle Pikes and mosey on to 10th& Farnam.

At 10th& Farnam we did a second set of 10 IC Monkey Humpers and 10 IC Pickle Pikes and moseyed to the 11th St. Promenade.  At the 11th St. Premenade we did 10 IC Monkey Humpers and 10 IC Pickle Pikes. We moseyed to 13th and Farnam and did 10 IC Monkey Humpers and 10 IC Pickle Pikes. We went into the Year Older part of Gene Leahy Park and to Center Stage for one more set of 10 IC Monkey Humpers and 10 IC Pickle Pikes.

It should be noted that at The Stage, Toadstool approach a man seated on the side to come and join us.  As we know F3 is open to all men.  It was a truly an awesome action on behalf of Toadstool to recognize the situation and even courageous to respectfully approach and invite someone right before we stuck our butts in the air and thrusted our junk into the air with more monkey humpers and pickle pikes. Even though the man didn’t join us – Well done Toadstool, way to lead among a group of leaders!

The Stage concluded DaVinci’s portion of the beatdown which led to Reba’s part… The Thang.

The Thang – Reba

We had to change our location for The Thang from center stage back down to the most Epic F3 Omaha Flag location.  Some more moseying.  The wonderful thing about this massive downtown park is that one can get a lot of distance in one park.

At the Flag, we circled up and Reba led us in some burpees and core.  The Thang started with:

15 Box Jump burpees…Going around the circle, Pax would say ‘Down’ for each burpee.  After 15 we did

2 Sets of Core

                20 Gas Pumpers

                20 American Hammers

10 Box Jump burpees…Count continuing around the Pax circle

2 Sets of Core

                20 Heals to Heaven

                20 LBCs

5 Box Jump Burpees…Going around the circle and OMAHA!!

We enjoyed posting at the massive flagpole that we performed our Beatdown Close out at this spot.  We did namarama and had the very fortunate opportunity to name FNG Gucchi who was EH’d by Gator and Tater Tot.  He told a lot of great stories about himself and we could have given him so many awesome names, but we selected Gucchi as it is easy and fun to say in namarama and for his fashionable workout attire. Welcome Gucchi, great to have you and even better to get to know you.

Announcements were brief.

We have special prayer requests for Mac N Cheese mom, Chiclet’s wife, Hipster’s sister and Tassle’s wife.

COT – Special mention to Joe Buck who is a true HIM. JB’s job has him working graveyard hours Wednesday through Sunday and he provided me with his COT.  We are very grateful you have made the decision to stick around Omaha and be a part of our community.  We are thankful you decided to take “The Red Pill” that U-Haul offered you that Saturday morning at the Gallup location.  Thank you for leading and carrying The Canyon flag over the past year.

To pass The Canyon leadership to Reba and DaVinci is truly a special honor.  You both have unique status within F3 Omaha. 

Reba, you posted on April 21, 2018. You have stuck around F3 Omaha ever since.  You know that F3 is here whenever it is needed. We look forward to “The Six” being a signature piece to The Canyon Count-off and for additional involvement in the downtown Omaha community.

DaVinci, I am thrilled you agreed to take this leadership position.  You have shown tremendous generosity and have built connections with so many Pax.  You have made a great impact on F3 Omaha and the whole community of Omaha.  We are fortunate and grateful to have you among us.  Keep implementing the yoga stretching.  We all can use more of it.

What a great year for The Canyon…Thank you JB, and TC, Waffle House, Cylcone, Spreadsheet and Side Dish.  You all made this AO, The Premiere AO of F3 Omaha!!

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