9 March 2023

AO: Berm

Weather: Rain/Snow Mix, 37 degrees, Nicer than anticipated

PAX (14): Sparty, Al Borland, Truly, Motorboat, Stripes, Desk Pop, Big Apple, TC (Respect), Toto, Greenhouse, Backcountry, Invictus, Plague, Pantyhose

QIC: Pantyhose

YHC pulled into the AO at 0420, running a little behind given the prep for the beatdown ahead of the 0435 prerun. It took a little longer for setup than anticipated, TClaps to for those that were patient to wait a few extra minutes for the 0443 departure on the Lake prerun. Special TClaps to Sparty for bringing the F3 Omaha Foundation shovel flag, which we firmly planted in the center of the soccer field for the beatdown. 

YHC welcomed the PAX at 0515 recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principals, and disclaimer.

In typical Pantyhose fashion, he started with a quote, a teaserto the COT, from The Daily Coach:

“The mind is a muscle that we have to hold accountable daily with intentional action, 
patience and honesty.”

​-Anthony J. D’Angelo



PAX moseyed from the parking lot up to the soccer field, around the path and to the open field to the east.  to thethrough the parking lot, along the west side of the school to the open field south of the school for warm-a-rama.

– SSH x 15 IC

Warma started calm but ended with a vengeance. After SSH’s we would dive right in….STEINL

– 30 sec plank

– 30 sec chillcut

– 10 merkins

– Amazing Spiderman left leg, 10 IC

– 10 merkins

– Repeat (with amazing spiderman right leg)

Mosey up to the soccer field for the Thang

The Thang

PAX would number off into 3 groups. Spoke and wheel beatdown with coupon. Each group would assemble at a station on the outside of the circle where there was a list of exercises. One PAX would pick up the coupon, carry (their method of choice) it to the center of the circle – at the glorious F3 Omaha Foundation Shovel Flag – perform the first exercise on the list in the center and then traverse back to their starting position at the outside of the circle. The next PAX would take the coupon to the center of the circle, do exercise, etc.

– Flag Station (center)

o Round 1 – Burpee x 5

o Round 2 – Blockee x 3

o Round 3 – Thruster x 5

o Round 4 – Upright Row (w/ coupon) x 5

– Outer Stations

o Air Squats x 30

o Merkins x 20

o Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

o Monkey Humpers x 20IC

o Big Boy Sit Ups x 20

o Seal Claps x 20 IC

Omaha was called at 0552 and the PAX picked up lights, cones, coupons and the flag and made their way back to parking lot for Mary


– American Hammer, rancid style x 28 IC


– F3 Night at North Star, March 22

– Halfway House at end of the month (Farva)

– F3 Omaha 5-year anniversary, week of 4/17

– Abide (this Saturday)

– NW Omaha 2nd F Happy Hour, tomorrow at Jukes in Elkhorn


– Greenhouse’s uncle Mark – prostate cancer

– Pantyhose’s uncle Rick (passed away a couple weeks ago), memorial service this weekend.



From The Daily Coach (Going Inward at The Mental Gym | The Daily Coach)

We often hear the importance of physical fitness and caring for our bodies.

But frequently overlooked is our mental fitness and cultivating a deeper connection with our well-being, habitsand feelings.

Just as we have gyms for our bodies, finding time to go to the mental gym can enhance our overall fortitude, personal development and performance levels.

While changing the environment around us can be appealing and helpful to our personal growth and self-discovery, best-selling author Yung Pueblo speaks to the transformative importance of introspection and going inward.

“Nothing can deliver as great an impact in your life as changing the internal environment of your mind and heart,” he said. “You have to remind yourself of this truth repeatedly on your journey because the mind does not like taking responsibility for itself, it is inclined to see all problems as external.”

Realizing that the mind is a muscle that we have to hold accountable daily with intentional action, patience and honesty is always essential as we navigate the journey of leading ourselves and others.

Pueblo said that if we aspire to build peace within, then we need to focus on building three essential qualities:

Self-awareness: Self-awareness is needed to stay attuned to the way your emotions change and to not allow the narratives that are built around tension to take control. 

Non-reactiveness: Non-reactiveness helps you slow down during difficult moments so you can ask yourself how you genuinely want to show up instead of just reacting defensively. 

Compassion: Compassion is necessary so that you can be more gentle with yourself and others.

The next time we assess our leadership responsibilities, let’s start within and ensure we’re not neglecting our own mental fitness.

As we strengthen these three internal qualities, we give ourselves the unique opportunity to grow through change while meeting the up and down moments in life with more self-awareness, compassion, a healthier state of mind and grace.

Plague took us out in prayer.



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