The Berm


January 19, 2023


Conditions: Snowy/Icy and Cold


PAX: Desk Pop, Wilson, Motorboat, LPC, Stripes, The Plague, Al Borland and Hei Hei


QIC – Hei Hei


Hei Hei welcomed PAX and went through core values, mission statement, credo, disclaimer, etc. 




PAX completed various stretches and 3 rounds of Bolt 45swhile Hei Hei contemplated whether his Plan A or Plan B beatdown would be better suited for the site conditions.While the Berm was covered w/a couple inches of snow, the roads were covered w/slush and ice… so Plan A ruled the day.




Break into four groups for Four Corners:


Corner 1 (Push Group):

10 blockees; 20 push presses


Corner 2:

5 burpees

30 lateral lunges (15 each leg)

30 monkey humpers (this is all the further we got in this corner)

30 Bonnie Blairs

Air squats until pushed


Corner 3:

5 burpees

Alternate 10 merkins/20 OHPs until pushed (concept stolen from the Dark Web)


Corner 4:

5 burpees

AMRAP alarm clocks




PAX returned to the location of the previously borrowed shovel flag (it had not been returned today), and each HIM selected a core exercise to conclude the beatdown.




Completed the 8-block w/my Shield Lock on a trip to Zion in November, and my Faith segment is going to be focused on completing a Bible in the year podcast (Fr. Mike Schmitz)… starting out pretty good, and I’d certainly recommend it. I’ve done the Bible in a year podcast a few times before – my most recent trip being a full-on study Bible that’s probably taken me 3+ years. As I went through it, I thought to myself, I probably won’t read through the Old Testament in its entirety going forward… some really good stories, but man, it drags along for weeks at time. But as I finish it (and start it again), I realize it’s kind of one big story that goes together. And one of my favorite things about the story is how God uses utterly broken/flawed individuals to achieve great things.


We are all broken/flawed, and sometimes we use that as an excuse to site on the sidelines or to accept the status quo in our lives. God loves you just the way you are, but God loves you too much to leave you just the way you are. This aligns w/our credo “Leave no man behind, butleave no man where we found him.” Don’t let your brokenness keep you from engaging and striving to accomplish great things.

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