06 April 2023 / AO The Steel Mill / Temp 24 deg, Wind 0 mph

13 PAX: Wentworth, Irish Car Bomb (ICB), Shocker, Tenacious D, Busser, OG Kickstand, Big Rig, Duracell (RESPECT), Mr Hanky (RESPECT), Dozer, Animal House, G-String, Bobsled

QIC: Bobsled (Weeeeee)

Pre-Ruck Murph: Irish Car Bomb (ICB), Bobsled

Pre-Run: Running smorgasbord, not sure who does what😊

0530 Welcome:

Everyone was welcomed to The Steel Mill & F3 (Fitness, Fellowship & Faith). I hurried through the mission statement, credo & 5 core principles. Last time I Q’d I think I went over by at least 5 mins and heard some grumbles haha. Unfortunately, today, there were no FNGs. I am not a professional, modify as necessary as there is a real risk of injury.

I found out last Thursday via MRI that I have a torn meniscus in my right knee.  So, there will be no running or jumping.

Pax did some very low impact stretching.  So low impact, in fact, we did not even do side straddle hops.

Finished with a walk/mosey over to the north side of the shelter for the pre-thang.


8 different types of crawls.  10 yds fwd; 10 yds bkwd

Bear crawl, Tabletop crawl, crab crawl, gorilla crawl, inchworms, spiderman crawl, plank crawl, circle crawl

I don’t think anybody liked crawling around on the ground. GOOD!

The Thang:
This was a repeat beatdown. I wanted to see who’s the top dawg of the dumbbell beatdowns of F3 Omaha. I Q’d the exact same beatdown at Heavy Metal on February 23.

We got 30 minutes on the clock. First 15 minutes, 8 exercises (Merkins, Bent Over Row, Deadlift, Hammer Curls, Front Squat, Shoulder Press, Front Lunge, Dumbbell Sit up), 8 reps each. Second 15 minutes, same 8 exercises in reverse order (Dumbbell Sit up, Front Lunge, Shoulder Press, Front Squat, Hammer Curls, Deadlift, Bent Over Row, Merkins), 8 reps each. How many circuits can you complete in the allotted time? In my pre-blast I mentioned that a weighted vest was optional. I saw some PAX getting after it with vests on. Duracell and G joined me wearing a vest. However, G called me out on not using 25s, I went with 20s.

Each of the PAX wrote their name on the white board and set a goal. After each circuit completed, we added a tally next to our name to keep count. This was all set some of my favorite Latin music. I didn’t hear too many PAX complain……They seemed to perk up when SHAKIRA SHAKIRA came on in the rotation 😊

I called Omaha! Omaha! at 615 and we ended with Name-O-Rama under the full moon owwwww.  13 PAX.  Awesome number!!!  Much gratitude. You could have posted anywhere.  The verdict (Steel Mill vs Heavy Metal) undecided.  I think we need a dual beatdown to the death to decide.  It’s the only way.


Shocker took home the coveted SWOLE award.  Congratulations Shocker! Earned it!

530 Saturday at the pit Zorro will be educating PAX on taking care of their bodies!  I need that!

5-year convergence April 22 at Oracle (see slack, what’s app, twitter).  Actual F3 birthday is April 21.

2.0 friendly beatdown at Dragon’s Lair this Saturday.

Continued prayers for Swiper’s Godson/Nephew Delilah

Prayers for those fighting cancer battles and struggles with mental illness.

G requested a prayer for my knee.  Thanks G

Prayers for Wentworth’s heel/Achilles.

Bobsled & ICB M’s (they are sisters) Aunt Lori that the mass on her brain be benign and be removed safely


Planned on talking about goals, goal setting, success and failure, scratch that.  Maybe was going to teach the PAX Salsa 101 steps to go with my Latin playlist, scratch that. I decided last minute to talk about how precious time is and to enjoy the time we have with our little athletes.  Don’t ride them all the time.  You got to have some fun too.  We can’t get those times back and before you know it, they are grown.  My biggest regret in parenting is that I was too hard on my son Mason.  I led the PAX out in prayer!

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