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Q: Biff Wins!!, With Co-Q’s Girl Dad, Safe Ride, Obi-Wan, Sweet Roll and Skidz
PAX: Safe Ride, Stella, Tater Tot, Khakis, Tight Lip, Penny Marshal, Sweet Roll, Ray Ban, Room Service, Honey
Stinger, Jean Claude, Chariot, Redacted, TomTom, Wustoff, Vandelay, Cosmo, Gunner, Frosty, Buns of Steel, Arch,
Girldad, High Hat, Hindsight, Skidz, FNG Maime, Obi-Wan, I am Jeeves, Slow Pitch, Samples, Dirty Bird, E-85, House
Party, Landsbury, Toadstool
Hot Damn, let’s go, Let’s question. We gathered up at the flags and before starting, we recited the S&N pledge of
“I flew into Omaha to go play a golf course, not far from there, it’s about a drive about an hour drive outta the
airport from a private airport in Omaha, a place called Sandhills.”
I’m not going to SugarCoatney this workout NOTHING GOES BETTER WITH A F3Omaha than being:
Free – In-spite of Cynical Skeptimism
Open to all Men – This workout has nothing to do with Blackshirts or yellow shirts or white shirts or whatever the
heck it is.
Always Outside – ALL DANG SEASON!
Led in a rotating fashion – Are you by yourself?
Ends in a COT – From the bottom of my ART!
Fitness – If you don’t have your health you’ve got nothing
Fellowship – I bringing my luggage with me and its Louis
Faith – I admire Sky Q greatly
I’m Not a professional and SAY Stafe!
Like Scotch Frost and Bill Moo’s Lets Mosey outtathearea!
We took a Tim Miles Mosey over to the Clubhouse parking lot for:

  • Calm down – Abe Vigoda’s nice and slow X 5 IC
  • You can’t beat fun. – GOOFBALLS X 10 IC
  • Chan Ho Park – I gotta lotta diarrhea – Sumo Squats X 10 IC
  • You missed it, you missed it, it went over your head claps! X 10 IC
  • OH my Gosh, here comes the Wave – Morrocan Night clubs X 10 IC
    We left there and too a Tim Miles mosey to the boat dock where GirlDad led:
  • Monkey Humpin the cotton candy X 20 IC
  • I cannot hear air – Squats X 20 IC
  • Garg Sharpe TOUCHDOWN THAT’S A TOUCHDOWN – dying cockroaches X 20 IC
    We took another Tim Miles Mosey over to the Harney Parkway Planter where Say Stafe Ride led:
  • You need to get some LIFT my man – Step ups or jump ups on HS columns x 30.
  • Dip ‘em in the batter than dip ‘em in the flour. – 10 regular Dips followed by 10 Rockette Dips
    We tried to go back to the path along our Tim Miles mosey, but there was construction, so we took the road over
    to the bank parking lot where Obi-Wan led:
  • ALL THE MERKINS: 5 of each: Merkins, Tee, Diamond, Ranger, Chuck Norris, Werkins
  • I’m Not HapHapHappy about that. – Canoe Crunch X 20 IC
    We Tim Miles Moseyed around the lake to the apartment complex, and this is where we hit a bit of a snag. I had
    hoped we would stop before the apartment but instead we stopped in between them. I asked Sweet Roll to lead
    and he started with:
  • Open up some salsa – Explodes all over muh chest! – Seal Claps X 30? IC
    BUT, Dirty Bird kindly told me that someone in the apartment complex was awake and taking pictures, presumably
    due to the early disruption, so we quickly left to reduce any further noise issues.
    We Tim Miles Moseyed over to the Cancer Survivors Park where Sweet Roll Finished with some:
  • Magic Johnson’s Dead Legggs – Bonnie Blair’s X 10 IC – Bobby Hurley’s X 20
    Then I led us through a covered pathway doing:
  • Big Giant Wreck – Leg Wrecker to next station– squat – 2 walking lunges (repeat)
    Omaha was called and we Tim Miles Moseyed back to the flags where Skidz finished up with a modified:
  • MJ Ate the pizza all by himself, Pizza Wheel of Merkin – Start in plank position at 12 o’clock. 5 Incline
    Merkins. Move to 3 o’clock, 5 Merkins. Move to 6 do 5 Derkins , move to 9 o’clock and do 5 more Merkins.
    Then finally as I have ended every Tribute workout, those who co-led each took a turn leading American hammers
    while singing:
    American Hammers (Singing,, you need to log on to (That’s
    1) X 5).
    Name-o-rama went smooth with multiple drops, and also as is customary, I completely blanked on the drops I
    wanted to use at the end and instead recycled both drops from others in the group.
    We then named an FNG Maime! I was trying to think of a Schick and Nick name the whole time, the FNG James is
    a fan of the show and has listened since the radio days, but nothing came to mind until everyone was yelling
    Fairbury or Red Weiner names, Maime felt right, a listener from the radio days would appreciate that as she was a
    big part of the show.
    I am thankful for Schick and Nick and their podcast. It provides me with about an hour of smiling and laughing
    each week and then it has connected many of the PAX thru sharing our favorite drops and phrases. Never
    underestimate the power of making someone smile or laugh, it could possibly change their whole day!

In the words of the mighty Paul Rhodes:
Got people tired everywhere, got people sore everywhere, l couldn’t be prouder. NO, LISTEN TO ME, LISTEN TO
Ball of Man. Prayer. From the bottom of my ART.
Aye, Biff

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