Cornhusker Backblast – April 4, 2023

PAX: , and…

Q: Penny Marshall

Mission: Is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Core Principles:

1) Free of Charge

2) Open to All Men

3) Held Outdoors

4) Led in a rotating fashion

5) Ends in a Circle of Trust

I am not a professional, so modify as you see fit. I’m also not a morning person, so give me a shout if I’ve forgotten anything

Any FNGs ?


Mosey around the field

Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC

Dynamic Chest Strech – 20 seconds

Hurdle Steps – 30 IC

Tappy Taps – 15 IC

Big Ones – 30 seconds

Quadrecep Stretches

Imperial Walkers – 20 IC


Run to stairs – up and down, then the following between each time

Bobby Hurleys – 10


Count off into threes – this is your group. Same exercises for everyone just split up

Round of 5

Merkins –  5 IC

ABCs – 5 IC

Carolina Dry Docks – 5 IC

Airsquats – 5 IC

LAP – run to the stairs and up them then back

Round of 10

Merkins –  10 IC

Box cutters – 10 IC

Carolina Dry Docks – 10 IC

Airsquats – 10 IC

LAP – run to the stairs and up them then back

Round of 15

Merkins –  15 IC

ABCs – 15 IC

Carolina Dry Docks -1 5 IC

Airsquats – 15 IC

LAP – run to the stairs and up them then back

Round of 20

Merkins –  20 IC

Box cutters – 20 IC

Carolina Dry Docks – 20 IC

Airsquats – 20 IC

LAP – run to the stairs and up them then back

Rinse and Repeat


20 Freddy Mercuries

20 Flutter Kicks

American Hammer – Rancid


  • Announcements/Prayers
  • COT:

In prepping for my COT I did a lot of thinking about why we come to F3. I come for a variety of reasons, and it’s not just to get a rockin bod. For me, a lot of the appeal is the psychological benefits. I’m a classic over-thinker – my mind almost never shuts off. I’m doing this right now but in the back of my head I’m thinking about something else.

I think some of you are probably this way also.

And we’re not alone. In 2010, some psychologists from Harvard conducted a study where they found that the average American is distracted a whopping 47% of the time. So there’s an almost 50-50 chance that none of you are paying attention to what I’m saying right now.

But the really fascinating thing about this research, is that they also found out that when people were distracted, they were also less happy. And it didn’t matter what the distractions were – they could be completely innocuous – the less people lived in the moment, the less happy they were.

Many of you probably saw the Last Dance, that documentary about the 90’s Chicago Bulls. As a business owner, I’m very focused on building a culture of excellence, so I’ve watched that documentary several times. One of the things that always stands out to me is when they talk about how Michael Jordan had an almost otherworldly ability to be mentally present in the moment. That beyond the physical gifts he had, it was his ability to block out distractions and be singularly focused on achieving his goals that made him arguably the best athlete in all of human history.

So it seems like we’d all benefit from getting good at being more present in the moment, more mindful.

But how do you get good at that?

How do you get good at anything?


How do you practice mindfulness? Well I’m no expert, but I’ve found an app, developed by the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, that basically trains you how to do this. It’s called Healthy Minds – if you’re interested I can show it to you. It won Wirecutter’s App of the Year Award in 2021.

Anyway, that’s my COT. Go forth and be mindful.

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