2/16/2019: The Oracle Winter Quarters AO

PAX: Vandelay, Reba, Honey Badger, Honey Stinger, Big One, Selleck, Crab Cakes, No Doze, The Plague, Lowman, Tater Tot, Sweet Tooth, Cyclone (RESPECT), Khakis (RESPECT), The Worm, Ponzi

QIC: Vandelay – VQ

Temps and wind chill were at 2 degrees, so the PAX assembled in the protected confines of the Winter Quarters. No FNG today – too bad as I was hoping to name one. Vandelay presented the mission and disclaimers, and the PAX moseyed to the top of the garage and circled back for warm-a-rama.


SSH 30 IC → Windmills 15 IC (Abe Vigoda (Old man) Style)→ String rippers 15 IC – nice and slow to feel the burn → Cherry Pickers 20 IC→ Pickle Pushers 15 IC and Cab Humpers 15 IC in honor of Valentine’s weekend→ Jump Tucks 15 on the Up

The Strong Foundation

After War-A-Rama the PAX moseyed to Level 4 to watch the sunrise and build a strong foundation. Exercises as follows:

Bolt 45’s squats: Run through twice

  • From Up to half →15 on the down
  • From Half to down →15 on the down
  • Jump Squats →15 on the Up

One more round was added for good measure ensued by Mumble Chatter and something about burning

Hydraulic Squats (Ode to Khakis) → 10 IC

Calf Raises → 20 on the Up

The Thang – Finally

This Thang consisted of four stations- each focusing on a particular area of muscle development. The PAX was divided into four groups of four – except that the VQ joined the wrong group once everyone found their stations so there was some unbalance, but of no consequence. Just act like it was intentional- right? Each group completed each workout together before running to the next station. Stations were on different levels so there was some climbing and descending. While climbing ramps the group needed to run backwards.

Station 1: Chest- Arms

  • Merkins 15
  • Mountain Climbers 15 IC
  • Werkins 15
  • Peter Parkers 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks 15 IC

Station 2: Foundation

  • Lunges 12L/ 12R
  • Smurf Jacks 15 IC
  • Jump Tucks 12 on the up
  • Bobby Hurleys 15 on the Down

Station 3: Arms

  • Cherry pickers 15 IC
  • Chinooks with Vert Pickle Pushers 15 IC
  • Sun Gods 12F and 12 R IC
  • Seal Claps 15
  • OH Claps 15

Station 4: Core

  • Freddie Mercuries 15 IC
  • Big Boys 10
  • Plank 30CT
  • Low Dolly 15 IC
  • Crab Humpers 15 IC

Running for Heart Health

Cone runs were set up with 4 lines

  • Run course with straight jog to mid cone then to dead sprint
  • Side step facing north to mid cone then to dead sprint
  • Side step facing south to mid cone then to dead sprint
  • Hop to mid cone then to dead sprint – mercifully left this one out for time.


Boat or Canoe as called → Box Cutters 15 IC → E2K 20 IC → Flutter Kicks 20 IC→ Circle of Hammer (10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest 10 hammer IC)

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers:

Big One announced two additional workouts beginning in March led by he and No Doze. More details to follow in the coming days.

  • Thursdays at Memorial Park (No Doze, Site Q)
  • Fridays at Burke HS (Big One, Site Q)- Starting March 8.
  • On Initial date of new AO – the other AO may converge for initial day.  More to follow.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

I found this easier than coaching my soccer team- here people actually followed directions.

I have benefitted greatly from membership in this group – although it isn’t really “membership”.  It is a different kind of belonging and I thank you all for your friendship and insight on various topics we have explored together over the last several months.  I am trying to focus on my gratitude and being aware of a more gracious attitude and I encourage everyone to keep this in the forefront of their own thoughts.

I read some excerpts from an article I found on the OWH website.  It related to retirement planning but I found that some key ideas resonated greatly with what I believe this group stands for in terms of our development of HIM.   A few asked me to post part of the reading, so excerpts below from Inside Omaha, Take Steps to be the Person you Want to Become. By Joe Heam, Feb 3, 2019.

You will be who you are becoming.  You’re never going to wake up one morning and be something that you haven’t been becoming little by little, day by day, for years.  A caterpillar doesn’t go to bed as a fuzzy little worm and wake up the next morning a beautiful butterfly. That transformation from egg to larva to pupa to butterfly takes about half its life.

If there are things that need work, however – certain skills, attitudes, fears, plans, goals, logistics, friendships, relationships, knowledge, personality traits- then you’d better start working on those things now.  You won’t be able to flip them on and off like a switch. Instead you have to form them drop by drop over time.

So, if you will be who you are becoming, that begs the question: “Who are you becoming?”  Maybe more importantly, “Do you like who you are becoming?”


Vandelay – Official Spelling on the books

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