Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start serving your queen. If you are like many of us you have been trying to out King your Queen since joining F3. This doesn’t work..EVER! Time to step up. At Saturday AO’s TC (The Oracle) & Tonight Show (The Pit) will have scales to record your weight or measuring tapes for your FUPA (fattest under pectoral area). We will tweet out thoughts about dieting and recipies and encourage all others that need a little extra accountability to do so also. Use the hash tag #F3OmahaQueensService to be in the conversation.

*Measurements will remain secret unless you choose to share them.

Expect challenges and punishments along the way. Let this be the day. Don’t break another promise to yourself. Listen to the podcast below and join us! Aye!

How to Build Self-Confidence & Self-Belief! – with Chris Powell & Heidi Powell.

ED MYLETT SHOW PODCAST – Click Here to Listen

Use this form to record measurements:

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