FLAG PASS to G-String, June 21 Mount Olympus

3 F’s

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

Plant grow and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership

Warm up:  10 Big 1’s IC, 10 Moroccan night clubs, 10  Side straddle hops 

Pre thing-

5 lion kings (squat-with a press out)

6 curl presses

The. Walk it up to 10-15-20

The Thing:  3-Man grinder —–  

Cone to cone:  When all HIM’s complete all the exercises you run as a team to the next one next location.

LOCATION Parking lot West:

 MERKIN LOOP : distance 30 yards

2 Coupons needed. Wheelbarrow 1 PAC’s to a cone and completes 25 Merkins, while the other two PAC’s Farmer Carry a coupon and each carry a leg.  All 3 rifle carry to the start and switch positions. 

REPEAT 3 times

MAVERICK MERKIN finisher 1 time!!

FUN Time: 3 man Disc golf throw off.  2 holes. How many tosses is the amount of blockys you have before you start the next hole

Back to the flags for MARY

  • 25 flutter kicks
  • 35 sarpy slammers


COT: Pass the shovel Flag to G-STRING

-I want to thank Fire Walker and Jean Claude for helping/push me to start this site and see the vision of what it could be. 

-Thank you to Chernobyl and Double dip for supporting me in this new opportunity. 

-Thank you to all of the PACs that showed up all year and supported this site because without you posting and showing commitment this site wouldn’t be what it is today.  

We had FNGs like Boss Hog,  Tenacious D and Grape smuggler. We ran with coupons all around with Swiper. We had IPC workouts and mountains of snow covered hills to slide down to make a name’o’rama.  We come for the fitness or a friend that headlocked us to come out, but it is the FELLOWSHIP and Faith that brings us back for more….

And with that I pass this flag to a True HIM taking over Mount Olympus… G String

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