7/18/2019, MAIZE AO

PAX:  Wait Time, Sasquash, Crab Cakes, Stretch, Ledoux, Chaz, Roll Bar, Gunner, FNG – Devin Shaver (Beefcake), Tonight Show, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

In anticipation of 81 degrees with no wind and 80% humidity a cooler of cold waters accompanied the shovel flag. Fortunately though, there was pleasant breeze with lightning and rain in the distance. 

Basketball Court Warm-a-rama

Bobby Hurleys 15 –> Shoulder Taps 15 IC –> SSH 15 IC –> Tappy Taps 15 IC –> Tater Taps 15 IC –> Sun Gods (front & back) 10 IC each way –> Cherry Pickers 15 IC


Do-ah-diddy to the pasture by the lake. Explanation of a Do-ah-diddy was provided, and the PAX executed it to near perfection. 


THA-THANG: Funk Shaker

Four stations were marked with hard hats (quite possibly a signature item for all Hard Hat Q’s going forward). The PAX partnered up and dispersed to the different stations. Each station has two exercises listed and directions of how to proceed to the next station. The pairs would perform 20 reps of the 1st exercise, then move to the next station continuing with 20 reps of all 1st exercises. Upon return to the station started at, then the 2nd exercise was performed at 18 reps. Each trip through all four stations would decrease the number of reps by 2 until it was time to move back. 

Station 1: American Hammers & V-Ups; Sprint to Next Station

Station 2: Merkins & Carolina Dry Docks; Karaoke to Next Station

Station 3: Monkey Humpers & Jump Tucks; Zombie Walk to Next Station

Station 4 (located at the top of a hill); Box Cutters & Flutter Kicks; Alligator Merkin Walk to Next Station

Most pairs were able to get down to 10 reps by the time “Omaha” was called. 

Do-ah-diddy back to the shovel flag. 

3 MOM:

For the sake of time, Mary was less than 3 minutes. 

Dying Cockroach 15 IC –> Sweat Angels 15 IC –> American Hammers 25 IC

Circle of Trust:

 Announcements: The Pit launch is 7/20. Lemon Law, Folsom, and Site Q’s are collecting donations for Children’s Square this month, Roll Bar has a team collecting donations for the JDRF walk next month and is pushing to get Ruby to V1P status (let’s help get her there!). 
 The motivation for this workout came from a funk that YHC has been experiencing over the last few weeks. Sometimes getting into a rut doesn’t keep you from your routine, so seeing a guy at a workout doesn’t mean that he isn’t going through a rough patch. It may be difficult for you to recognize it yourself, and it may be difficult to recognize it in others, but try to pay attention to help yourself and/or others to get through it. A quote from Dr. Travis Bradberry seemed fitting for this: “Maintaining positivity is a daily challenge that requires focus and attention. You must be intentional about staying positive if you’re going to overcome the brain’s tendency to focus on threats.”


Hard Hat

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