Date: Wednesday, 3/8/2023

AO: Mainstage – Millard South High School, Omaha

Weather: 37°, 100% Humidity, 5 MPH Northeast Wind, Mist

Q: Bayside

PAX (10):  Baby Shoes, Bayside, Golden Pond, Griswold, Hard Hat, Kickstand, Lite Brite, Muffs, Urkel, Yogi

UA (1): Rowdy

FNG’s (0): None

5:30 – Bayside welcomed the PAX to F3.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principals:  1. Open to all men 2. Free of Charge 3. Always held outdoors 4. Lead in a rotating fashion          5. End in Circle of Trust

Credo:  Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.

Not a professional, so modify as necessary.


That PAX moseyed down to the field for warm-a-rama.

Side Straddle Hop (x20 IC)

Tappy Taps (x10 IC)

Big Ones (x10 IC)

Cherry Pickers (x10 IC)


What type of Site-Q would Bayside be if he didn’t utilize the amazing stairs that Millard Public Schools have provided with the stadium?  The PAX snaked the stairs 2 times before heading to the south endzone.

The Thang

While at F3 Austin in October, Bayside participated in a beatdown where sprints were completed……a mile of them to be exact.  Starting at the south end zone, the PAX sprinted to the north end zone.  After a 10 count to catch their breath, a PAX member chose an exercise to be completed.  The PAX then sprinted back 100 yards and so on, until 16 100-yard sprints had been completed. 

6:10 – Omaha was called and the PAX moseyed to the middle of the field where American Hammers were completed.  Name-o-Rama followed.

Announcements: Check Slack.

Prayer Requests: Continued prayers for the Ellenberger family.

COT: Originally I had a completely different COT planned, until I got up to leave this morning and saw that it was wet out, which ruined my plans to bring my speaker.  As a result, I opted to change my COT on the drive to the AO.  As I got to thinking, the first thing that popped into my head and that I shouldn’t let an unexpected challenge ruin my morning.  Does it suck that it was misting out, yes, but that unexpected challenge shouldn’t bring me down.  When we are presented with an unexpected challenge, don’t be afraid of it.  Put your head down, run towards it and conquer it.

Took the PAX out in a Ball of Man.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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