F3OMAHA APRIL 11, 2023

Stop 1 on the Almost Famous 1 year anniversary tour bus

PAX: Scoober, Room Service, Oompa, Speed Bump, Hoser, Vandelay, Skipper, Big One, Roadhouse, Slick, Kielbasa, Ozark, Rain Man, Flanagan, Wait Time, Khakis, Bubbles, Wentworth, Canadian Bacon 6 – 0, Blades of Glory, Almost Famous

530: Welcomed the PAX, started the day mentioned that we have 5 core principles. In The movie Roadhouse, Patrick Swayze gave his bouncers 3 rules “One: never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two: take it outside. Never start anything inside unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three: be nice”. I stated the core principles, Mission statement, Credo.

Forgot the disclaimer.  Will say ten Hail Mainellis in contrition.

Warm-O-Rama to Muslim institute (12 minutes) 5:30- 5:42

Stayed right at the flags and started with
Squat to-throat rips
Patrick Swayze was a ballet dancer before his acting career and did Plies
Side to side ballerina jumps
Roundhouse kicks
Big Ones
High knees
Butt Kickers

Thang: Grindnage-a-trois (just calling it a 3 man grinder didn’t feel weird enough)

At the American Muslim Institute – moved on at 5:48

Station 1: Balls the wall
Station 2: bar supported toe touches
Bunny hop up the stairs between stations for the transition

Run to the Tri-Faith center (10 minutes) – moved on at 5:58

Station 1 Super Step ups
Station 2 Dips/Derkins
Run upstairs for the transition

Ran back to the top of Sterling Ridge’s sterling ridge  for some broga (6:08)
Mountain climbers till the six
Cobra pose
Slick led us in some downward dog then stretched our legs out deeply, and might I add, sensually.

Dirty dancing picklepushers

Inspired by THE Lift from Dirty Dancing, Doppler’s Mom’s favorite Patrick Swayze movie of all time. He invented a move that could only be unveiled at a special place like the Trident. The Dirty Dancing Pickle Pusher (DDPP). One PAX lays on their back while the other partner holds their hands toe to toe face to face and goes into a high plank position. The PAX on bottom bench press (lifts) their partner for as many reps as possible. Interlocking fingers is suggested to maximize stability. Eye contact is mandatory.

Announcements and then Namorama.  Did this out of order.  So here I go: Hail Mainelli full of grace…

When someone says “they are humbled by”something, what do they mean?  In my experience, I’ve usually said it when I felt awkward by some recent accomplishment.  I felt it recently when I was thinking about what I would say today. I thought about it when I graduated from law school or when I had my fifth child by the time I was 17 and a half.

I think that, properly expressed and understood, to be humbled by something means to have an experience that shifts into focus more clearly who you are in relation to others.  It’s a moment where you totally appreciate the gifts that others bring to each moment.  It’s a spirit that wishes to give the honest and true gift of a well-known self to another infinitely important person. 

A humble man can pierce your soul with a glance.  A humble man easily sees your true self because he is not caught up in the pretension of convincing you of who he is.  A humble man supports others, knowing that their success in no way degrades his own.  In fact, the humble man understands the limits of his strengths and revels in seeing others expand their horizons; understanding in full that a friend’s growth can only advance his own life’s work.

Slick, in this lead up to your shovel pass. I just wanted to express how honored I am to have had you be such a consistent presence in my life this last year.  Your soul piercing gaze has had me feeling all kinds of things.  Your true humility is evident at once and the depth of your personality is inspiring.  You are a sage, a good man, and an incredible friend.  We are all better for your leadership this last year.  Thank you to you and the people here who have supported me in uncountable ways.

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