PAX [15]: Chowda, T-Swift, Boujee, Big Unit, Yodel, Green House, Old Spice, Jump Street, Truly, DaFridge, Tea Party, Steeple, Cradle, Home Alone, and Slow Clap

Q: Slow Clap 

Cool, breezy, beautiful morning at the Armory with 15 HIM remembering the 11,000 men at Valley Forge in the winter of 1,777-1778. They not only survived they came through the winter tougher and stronger due to the leadership of General Washington and winter training of the Commander Frederick von Steuben. They emerged from the winter to defeat the British and take back the cities they lost. The winter literally made them more resilient when they went to fight their toughest battles. Let’s remember that winter isn’t a curse, but an opportunity to become tougher and stronger to overcome the challenges we face in life.  

The Workout:


• 15 Side Straddle Hop IC

• 10 Big Ones IC

• 10 Tappy Taps IC

• 10 Abe Vigoda IC

• Variation of Albatross Wings

o 10 IC Arm circles forward

o 10 IC arm circles reverse

o 10 IC seal claps

o 10 IC Cherry Pickers

• 10 Hill Billy’s IC

• Yoga

o Touch your toes

o Down Dog

o Pigeon – Right/Left foot

• On your six, right leg straight, cross left leg over in bent position, vice-versa

• 10 Suzzanne Summers (each side/leg)



At the recycling lot, line up an then perform:

• 10 – Merkins, then run to the other side of the lot and do 1 Jump Squat, then run back, then.

• 9 Merkins, back over and do 2 Jump Squats, then

• 8 Merkins, 3 Jump Squats, etc.

Mosey to the soccer fields


The Thang:

Three Station Grinder:

Count off into threes; Group 1 Starts and completes the first exercise at station 1 (cone), then runs to the second cone and completes the first exercise at the second cone, then the group runs to the third cone and completes the first exercise at the third cone. The group then circles back to the first cone. The group then completes the second exercise, and runs the circuit again and again until all four exercises are completed at each station. The other two groups start at the other two stations (or cones)

Arms station – 20 of each

o Hill Climbers

o Groiners

o Alternating Shoulder Taps

o Carolina Dry Docks

Stomach station – 30 of each IC 

o Heels to Heaven 

o LBCs 

o Box Cutters

o Freddie Mercury’s 

Legs station – 40 of each

o Lunges 20 each leg 

o Squats 

o Monkey Humpers

o Al Gore


Return to the flags and finished with American Hammers 

FNG’s: none


January 28th CSAUP – check Slack for details.

February 11 – Polar Plunge – Sign up on Slack for a good cause.

February 16 – Heartland Hope

February 16 – Brick builder at MCL – check slack for details. Bring your M. Drinks and snacks provided. To raise money for the Nugent Scholarship

Passing of the Nugent flag from DaFridge to Jump Street

Prayer Requests:

Memphis Police Attack – Person killed and their families, calm protests

Gwen – Diagnosed with breast cancer

Shelly – Eye tumor

Safety of the men participating in the csaup


With the onset of the bitter winter cold, the Continental Army under General George Washington, still in the field, enters its winter camp at Valley Forge, 22 miles from British-occupied Philadelphia. 

During 1777, Patriot forces under General Washington suffered major defeats against the British at the battles of Brandywine and Germantown; Philadelphia, the capital of the United States, fell into British hands. 

The particularly severe winter of 1777-1778 proved to be a great trial for the American army, and of the 11,000 soldiers stationed at Valley Forge, hundreds died from disease. However, the suffering troops were held together by loyalty to the Patriot cause and to General Washington, who stayed with his men. As the winter stretched on, Prussian military adviser Frederick von Steuben kept the soldiers busy with drills and training in modern military strategy.

When Washington’s army marched out of Valley Forge on June 19, 1778, the men were better disciplined and stronger in spirit than when they had entered. Nine days later, they fought against the British under Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey.

Three Points:

– Like GW and as leaders, we must endure with those around us when we go through significant trials.

– They remained busy with productive work to keep their spirits up and prevent them from being depressed

– Difficult times like working out outside makes us tougher, stronger and more disciplined. We can take on anything 


Slow Clap

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