January 24th,  2023

PAX (19): Grip & Rip, Backcountry, Truly, Merch, Jump Street, LPC, Slow Clap, House Party, Green House, Al Borland, Ranger Rick, Pig Pen, Hang 10, Lite-Brite, TC, Stripes, Armbar, Griswold, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Weather: Approx. 19 degrees, no wind, but plenty of ice/frozen slush on the ground and a layer of crisp, compacted snow. 

Welcome: At 5:30 all PAX were welcomed. No FNGS, solid intro with all of the goods. The PAX were informed that this was a “bruiser” friendly workout and we would not do any running or jumping. We then walked towards the hill to circle up on the relatively flat ground. 

Warm-A-Rama: Pretty easy here, we did 20IC Cherry Pickers, 10IC Finkle Swings (each leg), and 10IC Tappy Taps. We then counted off in 1s and 2s to make it clear who your partner would be for a Lazy Dora. 

Thang 1: Lazy Dora: Lazy Dora doesn’t run, but she’s good at getting in a solid burn. We’ve got 3 rounds of exercises with partners adding cumulative reps to reach the total. Partner 1 does 10 Merkins, while Partner 2 holds a plank. Then switch. Keep doing this until the pair hits 100 total Merkins. Then do 20 Big Boys, while your partner does a 6” leg hold, until you get to 200 total reps. Then move on to 30 Air Squats, while your partner holds an Al Gore until you get to 300 total reps. Some highlights: when doing 200 big boys, your ass is on the ground for quite a while, and the ground was COLD! Also, that’s a major ab burner. Then let’s talk about the squats. Actually, let’s not, it was awful!

Thang 2: Dark Webbs (at least part of it): Still in our circle, we were done with the partner stuff and on to a big group thang. We started with Merkins and Raise the Roofs. Do 1 Merkin, then 2 Raise the Roof. Then 2 Merkins and 4 Raise the Roof. Continue with this until you’ve completed the 10 & 20 set.  The next round was Big Boy’s and IC American Hammers. We did this through set 8, so we’d have a little time to recover. 

We wrapped up the workout with some Broga, which included; reach to the sky, fold down touch your toes, down dog, 3-legged dog, lizard, kneeling plantar stretch w/ Moroccan night clubs, seated fold, seated twist & counter twist. 

We closed things out with announcements about the CSAUP, and Halfway House, plus some various other things you can find on Slack. The COT was short. I’m on the schedule to Q 4 times this week, which wasn’t the plan, but it is what it is. Most of my Q’s were scheduled before I got injured. A lot of guys see me working out with a boot, and assume that I wouldn’t be able to post much as a result of the injury. That, and a lot of guys seem to feel sorry for me. I’ve received a lot of messages and comments from guys saying things like they’re praying for me, etc. That’s great, and I appreciate it, but I also feel it’s unnecessary. This injury occurred at probably the best possible time. I was in a great mindset to deal with it. I had committed to starting 75 Hard right before I got hurt. I wasn’t going to back down from the challenge, so this was just another way to test my discipline. It’s forced me to workout in ways that I wouldn’t usually. I ride my bike a lot more now. I’ve also been lifting weights again, which I never really have done since high school. These things are good for me and wouldn’t have happened without the injury. It’s helped me realize the importance of focusing on things that you can do and control vs. the things that you can’t do. Why dwell on the stuff you aren’t able to do? It’ll just make you miserable.


Hard Hat

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